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27 Nov 2005


Sometimes it's great being a mother.

Who knew?

26 Nov 2005

So it has happened. I have foretold it, and as all prophecies, it has been self fulfilling.

I bought these:

And now I want to get some of this:

Blimey Charlie there are some damn fine fabrics out there. I can't get off the net to have a shower and get ready for snb Christmas. Who knew such wonder existed???

I shall have to seek cool fabric counsel from the stripey tiger - because she is the coolest person I know.

Except maybe that girl I work with whose husband is a successful rapper. No, I don't think suburban Australian rappers can be cool. Can they? I keep thinking about that song: All homeboys are dickheads.

Gotta go now, am rambling.

What's a bex?

24 Nov 2005

Do you know what 'a bex' is?

Well, in the 1970's there were these headache 'powders' you could buy in the supermarket called Bex. They also had some called 'Vincent's'. They were a mixture of aspirin, caffeine and phenacetin.

Anyway a LOT of women, particularly those at home with the kids would use these Bex powders a lot. They were totally addictive, and caused renal failure. In fact, death by renal failure in women in epidemic proportions in the 70's in Australia.

They had one of the most iconic advertising slogans, I remember it on billboards from when I was a kid. A fifties style woman in an apron and a smile saying 'a bex, a cup of tea, and a good lie down'.

A wonderful doctor named Priscilla Kincaid Smith was instrumental in discovering that kidneys from autopsies in Australia showed a condition of the kidney that was described to her thus: 'Oh, it's terribly common. It's a papillary necrosis. You get it with infections.' To which she replied 'Well, it's funny, you don't get it with infection in London'.

I remember when I was about 7 or so, my friend Leisa's mum used to send us down the corner shop for a packet of Peter Jackson, some bex powders and the milk. She couldn't have been more than 28 at the time. I wonder if she's still alive? My mum, who never was much of a bex lady herself, knows quite a few people who died of kidney failure, and she's only 57.

Anyway, read more if you like.

Did you see that??

23 Nov 2005

The yarn harlot has left a comment on my blog. I need a bex and a good lie down.


21 Nov 2005

Blogville is a picturesque hamlet nestled in a pretty valley among the green rolling hills in, I don't know, perhaps Colorado or even North Wales. It is a quiet town mostly, except on Friday nights when it really goes off. The local pub/knitcafe is managed by resident owners, Glacia and Knitabulous - aka Eddie and Patsy.
Jutting proudly from the top of one of the hills is a Yarn Castle,
in which resides the Blogville mayor, the venerable Yarn Harlot. In Blogville, there is no compulsion for her to endure endless bookbookbook tours, nor do Bloggers thrust books in her face for her to autograph. She is free to just be, so she carries that sock around with her, or rides her bike through the cobbled streets of Blogville with gay abandon. If the truth be known, Bloggers think she is a tad eccentric, but since it is a peaceful and harmonic town, they enjoy indulging her.

In the centre of town square is a leafy park with a shimmery pond in the centre, with mallard ducks, floating waterlilies and lotus blossoms - there are no seagulls or flies in Blogville. It sparkles because from it's centre bursts forth a fountain of crystals and beads of rainbow colours, the perfect place to pick a few blooms and fossick for the perfect button or embellishment for your knitting. The 'frog pond' as it is affectionately known by Bloggers is flanked by rose arbors, rotundas and various comfortable seating arrangements ideal for groups of knitters to meet and chatter in the spring sunshine. There is a running track around the square for those so inclined. And of course, there is play equipment for the children too.

Four distinct 'quarters' or 'districts' fan out from the town square. The Eastern yarn district, made up of Alpaca Street, Cashmere Close, Silk Road and Merino Mews - houses some fine yarn stores like string , flying fingers, selling delights such as malabrigio, rowan's kidsilk haze, karabella aurora, alpaca silk blends, lorna's laces full range in all colourways, and everything Henry's Attic can make. There isn't a yarn or a fibre or a tool that you want that can't be got in this part of the village. There are professional knitters and spinners and handpainters on hand to offer tea and sympathy (as well as advice) to knitters of all experience levels. There is only one rule about knitting in Blogville, and that is friends don't let friends knit ugly.

The Northern district is dedicated to the culinary arts. There are cupcakes, and one of the restaurants has a cook called not martha. Hight tea is encouraged among the community, you know, just to get the creative juices flowing. So, what do you feel like for dinner tonight? There is a myriad of choice, all within walking distance from your place and with prices to suit your budget and occassion. Vietnamese, Indian, French, Thai, Mexican, Seafood, Steak or just modern gourmet - it's all here. It's here you will also find the fresh food market, where you can grab all you need for a quick and healthy meal at home, the market has a focus on fresh meat and produce grown and harvested using humane and ecologically sustainable methods. There is no McDonalds in Blogville, if you have to you can take the short drive to JunkFoodJunction where the fast food chains are located, please leave the litter in the bins provided there.

The Western district is what we locals like to think of as the admin centre. There are doctors, lawyers, biologists, rocket scientists, accountants, supermarkets, chemists, schools, post office, fire station, police station, emergency services,and the bank. There are no queues in any of these places, naturally enough.

The Southern district is the arts district. Artisans and craftsmen and women of all types gather here and display their work. The knitcraft gallery hosts a variety of prize-winning exhibitions, including back tack 1 and 2, the clapotis universe, a month of softies, every birch ever made is in there, along with every butterfly,annie modisett's silk corset, and peacock feathers shawl. Polls are taken regularly to determine what to exhibit in the future. It is in this district that you will find the many bookshops which are a feature of Blogville, and bookclubs abound. In particular, the Japanese Crafts are very popular amongs the residents of Blogville.

There are two daily newspapers, Rowan and Vogue Knitting. Competition between these two media giants in so fierce that the free pattern leaflet they are doing as a gift with purchase have long been outweighing the newspaper itself. Rumour has it that they are about to embark on a free yarn offer with purchase in the near future. Of course, one cannot forget the fringe publications which add richness and cultural diversity, publications like Knitty, Magknits, yarn, knitscene, and Anticraft.

To the East of the valley lies a vast sheep station, where there are stock very fine micron merino sheep, alpacas are well-fed and cared for and shorn in the summer by local elves. Behind the property lies a forest of mulberry trees, you know what they're for.

You can visit the station and help out as a 'jillaroo' if you like, or just stay in luxury farmstay and spin and knit till you're hearts content. Spinning and knitting weekends are held every weekend of the year.

Not much governance is required in Blogville, but the local council does run an artistic retreat group each year in the spring. Last year the lucky participants went to Morocco, and watched the locals make tagines from clay and backgammon sets from local sandalwood. It is hoped that the Epernay valley in France will be the setting for next year's trip, although cycling in the Napa Valley is proving to be a popular choice also. Perhaps they will do both. Every blogger is entitled to one heavily subsidised trip every five years, those wishing to travel more frequently are encouraged to fundraise and or contribute towards the cost by knitting sweaters for the local councillors.

The residential precincts in Blogville are predominantly Victorian Style terrace homes with double frontages and plenty of room for cats and rabbits. Dogs, too of course are an intrinsic part of Blogger life, and they are always welcome in Blogville homes.

Wander through the quiet leafy residential streets and knock on some doors. You might be suprised by the knitting curmudgeon (she bites so be careful), the dynamic duo of JenLa(they work in television, how Cool!!), Wendy, Kerrie's Place, Just Jussi, She lives between number 6 and 7, or even loubylou, or even an angry chicken (?).

You live in one street, and so do you, and you, and you. You live across the road from me, and we have coffee with you, and you too.

In fact, if you're reading this, you probably live in Blogville too.

The best thing about Blogville is that there are no blogs. Only people.

you're having">Because I want what you're having

20 Nov 2005

I made patty cakes. You might know them as cupcakes. Whatever.


19 Nov 2005

Yeah I know I've already done a post today and it was a biggie but something just happened that I MUST tell you about IMMEDIATELY.

My husband just picked our pre-schooler (kinder next year - sob) up from dancing and she slung a plastic bag in my general direction. "Costumes for the Concert" she said.

They've now gone to a birthday party (Happy Birthday Kaela) and I've just opened the bag and had a peep. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!

Here are the contents of the bag:

I'm no prude. We have a lot of fun in our house, and I'm very relaxed about what they do and how they do it.

But I do beleive in letting children be children. I won't dress my daughter like Britney Spears. I will tell my daughter 'It's more important to be clever than pretty and most important to be a good person' - even though society will tell her the opposite. I don't encourage makeup and 'boyfriends' and hair styling. I am fully aware that when the time comes I won't be able to hold back the tsunami of hormones and I know that they grow up faster 'these days'.

At least they weren't black. And there's no fishnets. That's something, isn't it?


But wait, there's more. Contents of bag came with gestapo instructions.

"Hair: High ponytail with curls. (please use proper hair curlers as scrunching your hair wont hold nor work.)
Makeup: brown foundation, brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner (on tip and bottom of the eye), red blush and red lipstick."

And so on.


Oh my god you should see how excited she is about this frigging concert. She won't take the yellow and pink thing off! She's 'shaking her tail feather'(that's the performance song) all over the joint.


Is it wine o'clock yet?

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me

18 Nov 2005


What do you do when you finish a project and haven't quite planned what you're going to do next? Or do you have a plan?

I'm not much of a routine person. My poor kids. I don't do lists. I am disorganised and flaky. So, when I finished the silk corset earlier on this week I didn't have anything to go on with. Well, technically that's not true because there are a cupboard of WIP's but I wasn't up to that.

So, I got out the madil kid seta and started a spiral scarf. Here's the bear modelling it. I have about half a ball from 2 balls left, and there are I think 1000 treble crochets down each side. I want to put another row in there, but at this rate that will take another two balls. I shall call it the amazing money shredding scarf.

And then I crocheted a few flowers. Neither of these things is really doing much for me. Even the kid silk. Blah.

I tried to do a few more repeats on the mystery shawl border but I am not enjoying it. The slowness of it is like some chinese water torture.

I don't like this feeling when I don't have a project on the go that I like, and I am lost for inspiration. I even went down the FABRIC aisle of Hobbysew yesterday - and I LIKEY WHAT I SAW. I borrowed a pile of quilting books from Sharon. I don't want to jump into anything but that sewing machine is gathering a lot of dust, and has only been used to hem trousers. If only I could sew in a straight line.

And Taryn, those paper crafts still are attractive to me. Is there a pill I can take for this?



Rox(the fearless knitter) sent me an ebay voucher for my birthday. Thanks Roxy! Anyhow, I was browsing away and I found this yarn lot for sale. "My ex-wife sucked me out of all this money". Presumably while she was doing this she washed, cleaned, cooked, ironed and provided other benefits? You sound like you'd expect no less from money sucking women whom you pledged to love and honour for the rest of your life. "I'm only trying to get back what was rightfully mine in the first place". I suppose that's what she's trying to do now, only it's her life she's trying to get back.

What is most telling about this charmer is that he openly admits "I'm not familiar with what women are looking for". You're telling me mate. I'll give you a hint - we don't want to be married to pricks like you. I wonder about how bad it must have been for this woman to leave a stash this big behind??

I want to buy this yarn and return it to it's rightful owner.


Survivor is pissing me off. Not enough to turn it off mind. It's the editing. Donni put me onto it a few weeks ago when she sagely noted that they would have chosen to reveal the presence of a 'hidden' immunity idol in the week preceding it's discovery. At the beginning of last weeks episode, she said (we were watching it together on holiday) "gary's going to find it". Well, that had to be true because puzzles ain't Judd's strong point, as demonstrated by his disastrous attempt at immunity tonight.

Anyhow, the same goes for Jamie. Last week they were hinting at Jamie 'losing it'. About four of them have been edited saying repeatedly "his paranioia is driving me mental" and "I think the jungle's getting to him". Of course, I beleive what I'm told to believe by the TV and so I was thinking along those lines myself. But hang on, wasn't his paranoia totally justified? Although his loony outburst on the way out like Richard Hatch was a bit ott. Rule 1 in Survivor - don't give good advice to entire group for nothing.

So, if you can determine what's going to happen by how we've seen the show edited so far we can say this. Stephanie is not going to win because we've had way too much face time with her so far, indicating she won't be around in the final episodes. Either that or her good face is hogging all the limelight. Ditto Judd except the good face bit. They showed the two other girls practically for the first time tonight, I didn't even know one of them was there!

And hello Rafe! Maybe you are a wilderness guide after all. You're scheming and possess a rare quality that you hardly ever see on survivor - you're smart. You do nothing to advise Jamie to modify his erratic behaviour and therefore regain some lost control of 'the plan'. Neither does Gary. Nerves of steel both of them.

We haven't seen that much of Gary or Rafe on confessional. I think this is because they've got a long way to go.

Also, all the talk of 'the plan'. Judd sticking to 'the plan' no matter what. Stephanie and 'I got a good thing goin here' crap. If this plan was going to work we wouldn't know anything about it.

I think Gary/Rafe/that dark girl into the final three. That's what I hope anyway.

And just as and end note: I love it when Jeff says "I'll go tally the votes". Tally.

Not count. Tally. SOOO KEWL!


Silk Corset OFF THE NEEDLES!!!

17 Nov 2005


I'm going to put it on a dummy and take better photos at some stage over the weekend.

If you are thinking about making this top I strongly urge you to DO IT NOW. It's a treat.

Pattern: Silk Corset by Annie Modisett ($5usd emailed in pdf - yay!).
Made with Avalanche yarn (Henry's Attic or the wool peddler).
Hand dyed by mine in a mixture of gaywool raspberry and ashford yellow.
Size 4 mm needle.

I then went lurking looking for something else to start.

This led me to the naughty cupboard. Which led me to re-arrange it. Which led me to learn a few things about my yarn stash.

Thing learned 1: I do not consider this amount of yarn excessive.

Thing learned 2: I would have told you I had no blue-green yarn and my stash was mostly pink. In fact, I have hardly any pink yarn and two shelves of blues and greens. Wierd.

Thing learned 3: I have moved all the oddments of yarn into a small shoe hanger and the entire balls into the larger hanger. Evil twin "you should throw everything in the left-hand hanger in the bin." As if I could throw good yarn away!

Thing learned 4: I must not buy bulk lots of yarn from ebay without knowing what I will use if for. There are three lots of this stuff in there which I know for certain I will NEVER use. It's acrylic, it's boucle, it's ugly and I won't be touching it.

Thing learned 5: I have a lot of crochet cotton. I don't know how it got there. Maybe I have an evil twin.

To the right is a hanging assortment of scarves and finished items that hardly ever see the light of day. Some need frogging. See the little pinky-red baby kimono cardigan hanging up? It never did get to it's intended recipient. And the french market bag should be renamed le petite french market bag as it is tiny compared to the real thing. The picture's dark because it was night time.

Anyway there it is. Flashed. You would think I would find this cathartic but I do not.

What did I start on in the end? I got the Madil Kid Seta in the teal out and began my bastardised version of Kim Hargreaves' Flourish.

Must go now, boring self to sleep.

The postman's swag

15 Nov 2005

Donni gave me this bookmark

MIL gave me this book (I love it too thanks Val)

I'm going to make this scarf and get the proper yarn with my voucher

With the book came one of her gorgeous handmade cards

CeCe sent me this card too - ain't she sweet?

Hay you too Roxyrox

Sharon probably made this feather butterfly she stuck to the front of the pressie I found on the verandah

I'm such a maghag - this one is NEW (ish)

Finally - do any of you know what this is?

If you do, can you please tell me how to make two in cornflower blue, cream and beige? I feel a change of craft coming on - look out!

I would rather be funny than thin (which is lucky really)

14 Nov 2005

OK, I had to do those previous posts, the thanks and the tag were well overdue.

But now, the pleasure blog.

I am so delighted by this post I could do a happy dance. Except I don't dance. And I'm not that happy.

But I am FUNNY. And this proves it.

So there to all of you who did not lol at my shitzu joke.

Thank you SP6

Got home from holiday to find a gift voucher in the email from Janette's Rare Yarns on ebay.

Took a visit over to the site and how I'm going to get out of there with my dignity intact I don't know. As you know from the incredible five day holiday weight gain feat I'm a bit of a pig.

Tossing up between Rowan Calmer in peony and Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk in Teal. Can't just buy one ball though, can you? Must buy at least 10 so you can make something decent.

OH SP6 thank you for showing me this place, I hadn't seen them before and will definitely be seeing them again.

Oh, OK then, have a link.

Cindy you're CeCe

OK so I'm not great with names and I relied on my memory when I thanked one of the tribe Cindy instead of CeCe. Please forgive me.

And I got tagged by My SP5 Dani. She's a top chick that one. She's just had a sad anniversary so you might want to go and give her a hug.

What is your favorite yarn to knit with?
My favourite so far has been alpaca/silk. And it wasn't even the Debbie Bliss one.

Your favorite needles?
I haven't used any fancy needles, except one pair of bamboo straights and a tiny crystal palace bamboo circular that snagged like mad.
To me, knitting needles are a means to and end. Maybe if I had Addi turbos i'd feel differently.

The Worst thing you’ve ever knit?

Everything I knit is the worst thing. I am a knit disaster.

Your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don’t like wearing it, but it was the most fun to knit)
My favourite knitting pattern so far has been Annie Modisett's silk corset. It is a good mix of easy and thinking and is ALL IN ONE PIECE.

My alltime favourite knitting pattern I haven't knitted yet and maybe never will but is the peacock shawl from fiddlesticks. Donna will you knit it for me?

Most valuable knitting technique?
Tinking Lace.

Best book or magazine?
Rowan you have no peer.

Your favorite knitblogs?
Surely no-one is going to single anyone out here?? I love you all possums.

Your favorite knit-along?
I have been in 2 mystery shawl knitalongs and I loved the pattern but could take or leave the messages.

Your favorite knit wear designer?
Kim Hargreaves and Fiddlesticks.

The item you wear/use the most?
French Market bag and Clapotis.

Back to earth with a bump

Our holiday was so good I came home saying "I am never going to drink alcohol again -or at least not for a really long time". I even said "I have had enough of cheese and pate".

Then I got on the scales. Two point five kilos in five days. That's pretty good going - I could give that supersize me bloke a run for his money.

As you can imagine, we had a faboo time on the holiday. See Donni's blog for the pictures.

The best bit about the holiday was my birthday. I was having a sleep-in, and Louis kept coming back and forth into the cabin saying "don't follow me mummy" and "stay in bed mummy" and suchlike making me v suspicious. He came in at around 9 and said "you have to get up now and come next door".

When I went into Donni's cabin next door she had decorated it with streamers and there was a full buffet breakfast ready for us on the table, complete with champagne. The kids were hiding under the beds and jumped out yelling "suprise!!". Donni bought me a gorgeous pink bracelet and a homemade soap bar. And she made me a cake! That is the first homemade birthday cake I have ever been made in my entire life (mum was a bought cake woman). It was possibly the only suprise I have ever had on my birthday since being married. What a great start to a great day. I wish I had taken a photo.

In the evening we went to the opening of a new restaurant just a stroll down a sandy path from our cabin. The whole lot of us went, 4 kids and 4 adults. We had delicious steak and seafood and wine and creme caramels and coffee and liqueur and the kids had nuggets, chips and salad, ice cream and flavouring and lemonades. The bill came to $110 for the lot. Obviously they made a mistake. But Alan and Steve tipped generously anyway and it was opening night. Yay for free birthday food!!

Finally, because of Donni's comments about the incongruity of the room standards between our cabins we got a $120 credit to use on our next booking. I'm thinking a midweek or weekend knitting retreat in Jan/Feb. Any takers??

going going gone

8 Nov 2005

I'm going down the coast in one and a half hours. That's one and a half hours at this desk reviewing some clauses in some leases for accuracy. This is going to be the longest hour and a half in history.

Cindy, thank you for the card it was a really nice suprise to recieve my first tribal council tribute. Sharon, I'm not going to gush but you are a wonderful friend and I really appreciate what you placed on the porch yesterday.

I hope to get time to blog a bit while I'm away. I'm going away with Donni so maybe we'll do a duo post of sorts. We'll see. Maybe I'll just lay in a deckchair by the pool in the sun.

If I don't get back to you before Monday, I leave you with this joke.

A man goes to a zoo and all that was there was a dog.
It was a shitzhu.


7 Nov 2005


Those weak of heart might need a cup of tea and be seated before reading this section. I opened one of my knitting bags last night (the one currently holding an abandoned ms2, an abandoned sock wip, and the hanks of silk I'm too lazy to wind and the current wip silk corset. I wanted to get a hank out and have a feel of it.

A moth flew out. Get that? A. MOTH. FLEW. OUT. OF. MY. KNITTING. BAG. I haven't had the heart to look into the yarn cupboard but resistance is futile. You will find me later cleaning out that cupboard, vacuuming, and sprinkling foul smelling napthalene flakes about in the hope of averting what could be the biggest tragedy since the smoked potato bake of 2005.

My knitting is going to smell like old lady knitting.

SP giftees and gratuitous linkage

6 Nov 2005

We don't celebrate Halloween, but if we did here's the cake I'd make.

How's this for a knitting bag?

It's from offhand designs. If only money were no object.

Have you ever seen such gorgeous felted scarves? And I don't even go much on felted stuff.

SP6 Goodies

My sp6 has really been doing her homework.

This week she sent me one of those Leisure Arts 99 knit stitch encyclopaedia thingies, the likes of which I have always wanted. Now all I want is to knit test squares in something gorgeous and soft.

And a cute bit of stationery. Everyone loves Japanese stationery, it's so CUTE!!

Thank you SP6.

Like a rabbit in the spotlight

I went to Spotlight on Friday. As I was wandering down the craft aisles I was almost cast under the spell of the scrapbooking! I'm not really one for scrapbooking but there was this watermarked paper looking like an old ship's journal ......... and some 3d embellishments perfectly suited ........... and we do have lots of travel photos from Morocco and the like in boxes..... and I got that picture of me with the twin towers in the background ........... I could make them look really good ....... it's only the naff captions I don't like ....... maybe just a little bit .... it won't hurt .... I can stop whenever I like.....

See? But in a herculean effort of self control I resisted the paper arts! I blame spotlight. If their yarn sectuib was as good as their scrapbooking section I wouldn't have even been in that aisle.

I loves me my Survivor

5 Nov 2005


Are they messing with the contestants heads this time or what?? CBS really blew the budget on psychometric testing and personality profiling this season I think when they put this lot together. Firstly they set each tribe up with alpha males who invariably behave according to type in an aggressive, competitive manner in the hope of becoming the dominant male in the group. They make sure that none of them are very clever, so the clashes are frequent, very vocal and bordering on violent. Then they make the challenges really hard with lots of contact and biffo. Then they let some feast and some starve and make sure the do it in front of each other. Then they set up an individual treasure hunt where they pitch the contestants against each other to find it - and they encourage them to keep it a secret from the others.

While all the while there are some clever little rats scampering around under the radar waiting to vote every single one of these goons off.


Brandon Bellinger, 22, Manhattan , Kan. , Farmer/Ranger (Ninth Voted Out)
"I'z juzt a farmboy with Suthn values and suthn ways. That Bobbi Jon is way too big for his boots and he shore lookun like he'd be tasty on the barbeque."

Brandon was put on the show for his athleticism and his aggression, they knew he'd clash with BJ and Jamie. Previous survivor's have shown that contestants with incomprehensible accents are always popular. But where's the subtitles???

Doesn't matter now anyhow - he's a goner.

Danni Boatwright, 30, Tonganozie , Kan. , Sports Radio Talk Show Host

"I am fully aware that Gary used to be a famous footballer. I cannot understand why he doesn't want everyone to know this, why if I was any good at sports I'd be participating in them instead of talking about them. I'll keep his secret though - because I have the strategic brain of a um, not very strategic animal."

Is Danni still there? She never gets edited into the show.

Danni is obviously a bit thick. I wonder if it's the multi million dollar salary Gary may have procured for himself or the ongoing sponsorship millions or the millions he has made in property development subsequently which may make him a target on a show whose prize is a million dollars?

Bobby Jon Drinkard, 27, Troy , Ala. , Waiter
"Ah don't care if it shows a lack of class to accuse others of having a lack of class. Jamie has no class"

Bobby Jon, why are you here? You're not nice, you're not that strong and you're not that good looking.

Cindy Hall, 31, Naples , Fla. , Zookeeper
"After my years of college education and experience shovelling shit in the elephant's quarters I am in a position to tell you that crocodiles in the wild are very very dangerous"

No shit sherlock. I am glad Cindy is here, because when Judd pukes in the house next week she can be in charge of shovelling it out - after all - she's an expert in animal behaviour.

Judd Sergeant, 35, Ridgefield , N.J. , Hotel Doorman
"In my job, you have to get along with people from all walks of life."

Judd, in your job you get paid to grovel to people from all walks of life. I fear this grovelling must stand at odds with your massively deluded inflated opinion of yourself in terms of life's pecking order. Which is lucky for you in a way, because you're pretty low down on the food chain so it may be better you don't know. I just hope you don't go home and beat the wife, because that's the sort of person you seem to be to me.

Last week I was afraid of you, and totally disgusted in the way you could take the salvation of the nurses' medical help - and then lord it over her like all 'big men' like you do to women to whom you feel inferior. No gratitude, short memory, mysoginist.

CBS must be doing some market research as the program progresses. For some reason Judd was edited in a good light this week, competing like a dog when he could have been stuffing his face, showing very sound judgement and a fair bit of bravery in bawling Jamie out for being a loudmouth. I didn't hate Judd this week.

Don't worry - Judd hasn't turned a new leaf - he's going to puke in the house next week.

Knock yourself out you genius.

Gary Hogeboom, 47, Grand Haven, Mich. , Ex-NFL Quarterback/Real Estate Developer
"No no no. You don't recognise me. I just have one of those faces. I run a little landscaping business of my own. No, no no. Never played in the league. Never earned millions of dollars. Never."

I think it's wierd that Gary has not gotten involved in the alpha male standoff. Surely as a professional athlete he's seen it all before. Surely his competitive spirit makes him want to crack the heads of all of them together? His amazing self control and ability to lie poe faced to his tribe indicate the following traits. Maturity. Coldness. Stragic thinking. Successful. Driven. Selfish. All the things which have made him already filthy rich.

Rafe Judkins, 22, Pittsburgh , Wilderness Guide
"I have joined the axis of evil. I feel like I'm sleeping with the devil"

Rafe. What cruel parents. Wilderness guide - as if. Arm in hornet's nest. "I'm hopeless at finding things - the worst".

I see his crocodile tears at being a bully didn't stop him from a) eating instead of competing or b)voting for Brandon. Me no likey Rafey.

Stephenie LaGrossa, 25, Philadelphia , Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Stephenie just because you spent the night alone as the sole survivor from your tribe last time does not mean you're the boss of this survivor. Please shut up.

Lydia Morales, 42, Lakewood , Wash. , Fishmonger
"She wheels her wheelbarrow, through the streets dark and narrow crying cockles and mussels alive alive oh"

Lydia is a bit of a dark horse. She's not athletic, but her age and low centre of gravity will give her a bit of stamina for the balance on a pole challenges which usually come with individual immunity. She's likeable and honest. A jury favourite.

I want Lydia to win.

Jamie Newton, 24, Douglas , Ga. , Water Ski Instructor
"I am a dickhead. I am a bully and a fool. I have a very small penis but I rub it a lot in the hope it will grow".

Jamie has completely ruined his chances of winning a million dollars. Even his own alliance hates him. He is the centre of Rafe's 'axis of evil' and even if his plan to pick off the other tribe works out, he's guaranteed not to get a single vote from any of them from the jury after his 'let them eat cake' performance last week. What a prat.

He's out next week unless someone does something REALLY stupid like pukes in the house.....





Mystery shawl 2 edging and a better shot of the colour


Annie Moddisett's silk corset progress. Almost finished the decrease for the bust - although I can't work out why that wouldn't be an increase but anyhow I'm just following the pattern....

If you invited me to your house for a party

1 Nov 2005

Here's what I'd bring

heh heh heh

Melbourne Cup!

Today is Melbourne Cup Day. I love living in a country where it is practically a national holiday because of a horse race.

Here's what I have done almost every year since I had children.

8:00am - read form guide in newspaper. Circle two horses in every race at Flemington, paying close attention to the main one at 3pm, the Melbourne Cup.

9:00am - place bets on all circled horses in various ways, and get a heap of mystery trifectas just for fun.

9:30am - get ready. I know this seems like a long time but it's hard to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

11:00am - Assemble at friend's deck at around 11:00am, frocked and hatted bearing cheese plate and kilos of prawns.

11:00am - friend and I make the statement that "it must be lunchtime somewhere in the world" and thus have excuse to start drinking champagne.

11:15am onwards - watch every race from the deck, gorge self on prawns, cheese and champagne.

Children get rounded up at various stages during the day for meals. Someone has to be the designated driver and pick the schoolchildren up from school and it's usually pizza for dinner.

How Homer Simpson a day can one girl have???

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