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Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me

18 Nov 2005


What do you do when you finish a project and haven't quite planned what you're going to do next? Or do you have a plan?

I'm not much of a routine person. My poor kids. I don't do lists. I am disorganised and flaky. So, when I finished the silk corset earlier on this week I didn't have anything to go on with. Well, technically that's not true because there are a cupboard of WIP's but I wasn't up to that.

So, I got out the madil kid seta and started a spiral scarf. Here's the bear modelling it. I have about half a ball from 2 balls left, and there are I think 1000 treble crochets down each side. I want to put another row in there, but at this rate that will take another two balls. I shall call it the amazing money shredding scarf.

And then I crocheted a few flowers. Neither of these things is really doing much for me. Even the kid silk. Blah.

I tried to do a few more repeats on the mystery shawl border but I am not enjoying it. The slowness of it is like some chinese water torture.

I don't like this feeling when I don't have a project on the go that I like, and I am lost for inspiration. I even went down the FABRIC aisle of Hobbysew yesterday - and I LIKEY WHAT I SAW. I borrowed a pile of quilting books from Sharon. I don't want to jump into anything but that sewing machine is gathering a lot of dust, and has only been used to hem trousers. If only I could sew in a straight line.

And Taryn, those paper crafts still are attractive to me. Is there a pill I can take for this?



Rox(the fearless knitter) sent me an ebay voucher for my birthday. Thanks Roxy! Anyhow, I was browsing away and I found this yarn lot for sale. "My ex-wife sucked me out of all this money". Presumably while she was doing this she washed, cleaned, cooked, ironed and provided other benefits? You sound like you'd expect no less from money sucking women whom you pledged to love and honour for the rest of your life. "I'm only trying to get back what was rightfully mine in the first place". I suppose that's what she's trying to do now, only it's her life she's trying to get back.

What is most telling about this charmer is that he openly admits "I'm not familiar with what women are looking for". You're telling me mate. I'll give you a hint - we don't want to be married to pricks like you. I wonder about how bad it must have been for this woman to leave a stash this big behind??

I want to buy this yarn and return it to it's rightful owner.


Survivor is pissing me off. Not enough to turn it off mind. It's the editing. Donni put me onto it a few weeks ago when she sagely noted that they would have chosen to reveal the presence of a 'hidden' immunity idol in the week preceding it's discovery. At the beginning of last weeks episode, she said (we were watching it together on holiday) "gary's going to find it". Well, that had to be true because puzzles ain't Judd's strong point, as demonstrated by his disastrous attempt at immunity tonight.

Anyhow, the same goes for Jamie. Last week they were hinting at Jamie 'losing it'. About four of them have been edited saying repeatedly "his paranioia is driving me mental" and "I think the jungle's getting to him". Of course, I beleive what I'm told to believe by the TV and so I was thinking along those lines myself. But hang on, wasn't his paranoia totally justified? Although his loony outburst on the way out like Richard Hatch was a bit ott. Rule 1 in Survivor - don't give good advice to entire group for nothing.

So, if you can determine what's going to happen by how we've seen the show edited so far we can say this. Stephanie is not going to win because we've had way too much face time with her so far, indicating she won't be around in the final episodes. Either that or her good face is hogging all the limelight. Ditto Judd except the good face bit. They showed the two other girls practically for the first time tonight, I didn't even know one of them was there!

And hello Rafe! Maybe you are a wilderness guide after all. You're scheming and possess a rare quality that you hardly ever see on survivor - you're smart. You do nothing to advise Jamie to modify his erratic behaviour and therefore regain some lost control of 'the plan'. Neither does Gary. Nerves of steel both of them.

We haven't seen that much of Gary or Rafe on confessional. I think this is because they've got a long way to go.

Also, all the talk of 'the plan'. Judd sticking to 'the plan' no matter what. Stephanie and 'I got a good thing goin here' crap. If this plan was going to work we wouldn't know anything about it.

I think Gary/Rafe/that dark girl into the final three. That's what I hope anyway.

And just as and end note: I love it when Jeff says "I'll go tally the votes". Tally.

Not count. Tally. SOOO KEWL!


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