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I loves me my Survivor

5 Nov 2005


Are they messing with the contestants heads this time or what?? CBS really blew the budget on psychometric testing and personality profiling this season I think when they put this lot together. Firstly they set each tribe up with alpha males who invariably behave according to type in an aggressive, competitive manner in the hope of becoming the dominant male in the group. They make sure that none of them are very clever, so the clashes are frequent, very vocal and bordering on violent. Then they make the challenges really hard with lots of contact and biffo. Then they let some feast and some starve and make sure the do it in front of each other. Then they set up an individual treasure hunt where they pitch the contestants against each other to find it - and they encourage them to keep it a secret from the others.

While all the while there are some clever little rats scampering around under the radar waiting to vote every single one of these goons off.


Brandon Bellinger, 22, Manhattan , Kan. , Farmer/Ranger (Ninth Voted Out)
"I'z juzt a farmboy with Suthn values and suthn ways. That Bobbi Jon is way too big for his boots and he shore lookun like he'd be tasty on the barbeque."

Brandon was put on the show for his athleticism and his aggression, they knew he'd clash with BJ and Jamie. Previous survivor's have shown that contestants with incomprehensible accents are always popular. But where's the subtitles???

Doesn't matter now anyhow - he's a goner.

Danni Boatwright, 30, Tonganozie , Kan. , Sports Radio Talk Show Host

"I am fully aware that Gary used to be a famous footballer. I cannot understand why he doesn't want everyone to know this, why if I was any good at sports I'd be participating in them instead of talking about them. I'll keep his secret though - because I have the strategic brain of a um, not very strategic animal."

Is Danni still there? She never gets edited into the show.

Danni is obviously a bit thick. I wonder if it's the multi million dollar salary Gary may have procured for himself or the ongoing sponsorship millions or the millions he has made in property development subsequently which may make him a target on a show whose prize is a million dollars?

Bobby Jon Drinkard, 27, Troy , Ala. , Waiter
"Ah don't care if it shows a lack of class to accuse others of having a lack of class. Jamie has no class"

Bobby Jon, why are you here? You're not nice, you're not that strong and you're not that good looking.

Cindy Hall, 31, Naples , Fla. , Zookeeper
"After my years of college education and experience shovelling shit in the elephant's quarters I am in a position to tell you that crocodiles in the wild are very very dangerous"

No shit sherlock. I am glad Cindy is here, because when Judd pukes in the house next week she can be in charge of shovelling it out - after all - she's an expert in animal behaviour.

Judd Sergeant, 35, Ridgefield , N.J. , Hotel Doorman
"In my job, you have to get along with people from all walks of life."

Judd, in your job you get paid to grovel to people from all walks of life. I fear this grovelling must stand at odds with your massively deluded inflated opinion of yourself in terms of life's pecking order. Which is lucky for you in a way, because you're pretty low down on the food chain so it may be better you don't know. I just hope you don't go home and beat the wife, because that's the sort of person you seem to be to me.

Last week I was afraid of you, and totally disgusted in the way you could take the salvation of the nurses' medical help - and then lord it over her like all 'big men' like you do to women to whom you feel inferior. No gratitude, short memory, mysoginist.

CBS must be doing some market research as the program progresses. For some reason Judd was edited in a good light this week, competing like a dog when he could have been stuffing his face, showing very sound judgement and a fair bit of bravery in bawling Jamie out for being a loudmouth. I didn't hate Judd this week.

Don't worry - Judd hasn't turned a new leaf - he's going to puke in the house next week.

Knock yourself out you genius.

Gary Hogeboom, 47, Grand Haven, Mich. , Ex-NFL Quarterback/Real Estate Developer
"No no no. You don't recognise me. I just have one of those faces. I run a little landscaping business of my own. No, no no. Never played in the league. Never earned millions of dollars. Never."

I think it's wierd that Gary has not gotten involved in the alpha male standoff. Surely as a professional athlete he's seen it all before. Surely his competitive spirit makes him want to crack the heads of all of them together? His amazing self control and ability to lie poe faced to his tribe indicate the following traits. Maturity. Coldness. Stragic thinking. Successful. Driven. Selfish. All the things which have made him already filthy rich.

Rafe Judkins, 22, Pittsburgh , Wilderness Guide
"I have joined the axis of evil. I feel like I'm sleeping with the devil"

Rafe. What cruel parents. Wilderness guide - as if. Arm in hornet's nest. "I'm hopeless at finding things - the worst".

I see his crocodile tears at being a bully didn't stop him from a) eating instead of competing or b)voting for Brandon. Me no likey Rafey.

Stephenie LaGrossa, 25, Philadelphia , Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Stephenie just because you spent the night alone as the sole survivor from your tribe last time does not mean you're the boss of this survivor. Please shut up.

Lydia Morales, 42, Lakewood , Wash. , Fishmonger
"She wheels her wheelbarrow, through the streets dark and narrow crying cockles and mussels alive alive oh"

Lydia is a bit of a dark horse. She's not athletic, but her age and low centre of gravity will give her a bit of stamina for the balance on a pole challenges which usually come with individual immunity. She's likeable and honest. A jury favourite.

I want Lydia to win.

Jamie Newton, 24, Douglas , Ga. , Water Ski Instructor
"I am a dickhead. I am a bully and a fool. I have a very small penis but I rub it a lot in the hope it will grow".

Jamie has completely ruined his chances of winning a million dollars. Even his own alliance hates him. He is the centre of Rafe's 'axis of evil' and even if his plan to pick off the other tribe works out, he's guaranteed not to get a single vote from any of them from the jury after his 'let them eat cake' performance last week. What a prat.

He's out next week unless someone does something REALLY stupid like pukes in the house.....





Mystery shawl 2 edging and a better shot of the colour


Annie Moddisett's silk corset progress. Almost finished the decrease for the bust - although I can't work out why that wouldn't be an increase but anyhow I'm just following the pattern....

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