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21 Nov 2005

Blogville is a picturesque hamlet nestled in a pretty valley among the green rolling hills in, I don't know, perhaps Colorado or even North Wales. It is a quiet town mostly, except on Friday nights when it really goes off. The local pub/knitcafe is managed by resident owners, Glacia and Knitabulous - aka Eddie and Patsy.
Jutting proudly from the top of one of the hills is a Yarn Castle,
in which resides the Blogville mayor, the venerable Yarn Harlot. In Blogville, there is no compulsion for her to endure endless bookbookbook tours, nor do Bloggers thrust books in her face for her to autograph. She is free to just be, so she carries that sock around with her, or rides her bike through the cobbled streets of Blogville with gay abandon. If the truth be known, Bloggers think she is a tad eccentric, but since it is a peaceful and harmonic town, they enjoy indulging her.

In the centre of town square is a leafy park with a shimmery pond in the centre, with mallard ducks, floating waterlilies and lotus blossoms - there are no seagulls or flies in Blogville. It sparkles because from it's centre bursts forth a fountain of crystals and beads of rainbow colours, the perfect place to pick a few blooms and fossick for the perfect button or embellishment for your knitting. The 'frog pond' as it is affectionately known by Bloggers is flanked by rose arbors, rotundas and various comfortable seating arrangements ideal for groups of knitters to meet and chatter in the spring sunshine. There is a running track around the square for those so inclined. And of course, there is play equipment for the children too.

Four distinct 'quarters' or 'districts' fan out from the town square. The Eastern yarn district, made up of Alpaca Street, Cashmere Close, Silk Road and Merino Mews - houses some fine yarn stores like string , flying fingers, selling delights such as malabrigio, rowan's kidsilk haze, karabella aurora, alpaca silk blends, lorna's laces full range in all colourways, and everything Henry's Attic can make. There isn't a yarn or a fibre or a tool that you want that can't be got in this part of the village. There are professional knitters and spinners and handpainters on hand to offer tea and sympathy (as well as advice) to knitters of all experience levels. There is only one rule about knitting in Blogville, and that is friends don't let friends knit ugly.

The Northern district is dedicated to the culinary arts. There are cupcakes, and one of the restaurants has a cook called not martha. Hight tea is encouraged among the community, you know, just to get the creative juices flowing. So, what do you feel like for dinner tonight? There is a myriad of choice, all within walking distance from your place and with prices to suit your budget and occassion. Vietnamese, Indian, French, Thai, Mexican, Seafood, Steak or just modern gourmet - it's all here. It's here you will also find the fresh food market, where you can grab all you need for a quick and healthy meal at home, the market has a focus on fresh meat and produce grown and harvested using humane and ecologically sustainable methods. There is no McDonalds in Blogville, if you have to you can take the short drive to JunkFoodJunction where the fast food chains are located, please leave the litter in the bins provided there.

The Western district is what we locals like to think of as the admin centre. There are doctors, lawyers, biologists, rocket scientists, accountants, supermarkets, chemists, schools, post office, fire station, police station, emergency services,and the bank. There are no queues in any of these places, naturally enough.

The Southern district is the arts district. Artisans and craftsmen and women of all types gather here and display their work. The knitcraft gallery hosts a variety of prize-winning exhibitions, including back tack 1 and 2, the clapotis universe, a month of softies, every birch ever made is in there, along with every butterfly,annie modisett's silk corset, and peacock feathers shawl. Polls are taken regularly to determine what to exhibit in the future. It is in this district that you will find the many bookshops which are a feature of Blogville, and bookclubs abound. In particular, the Japanese Crafts are very popular amongs the residents of Blogville.

There are two daily newspapers, Rowan and Vogue Knitting. Competition between these two media giants in so fierce that the free pattern leaflet they are doing as a gift with purchase have long been outweighing the newspaper itself. Rumour has it that they are about to embark on a free yarn offer with purchase in the near future. Of course, one cannot forget the fringe publications which add richness and cultural diversity, publications like Knitty, Magknits, yarn, knitscene, and Anticraft.

To the East of the valley lies a vast sheep station, where there are stock very fine micron merino sheep, alpacas are well-fed and cared for and shorn in the summer by local elves. Behind the property lies a forest of mulberry trees, you know what they're for.

You can visit the station and help out as a 'jillaroo' if you like, or just stay in luxury farmstay and spin and knit till you're hearts content. Spinning and knitting weekends are held every weekend of the year.

Not much governance is required in Blogville, but the local council does run an artistic retreat group each year in the spring. Last year the lucky participants went to Morocco, and watched the locals make tagines from clay and backgammon sets from local sandalwood. It is hoped that the Epernay valley in France will be the setting for next year's trip, although cycling in the Napa Valley is proving to be a popular choice also. Perhaps they will do both. Every blogger is entitled to one heavily subsidised trip every five years, those wishing to travel more frequently are encouraged to fundraise and or contribute towards the cost by knitting sweaters for the local councillors.

The residential precincts in Blogville are predominantly Victorian Style terrace homes with double frontages and plenty of room for cats and rabbits. Dogs, too of course are an intrinsic part of Blogger life, and they are always welcome in Blogville homes.

Wander through the quiet leafy residential streets and knock on some doors. You might be suprised by the knitting curmudgeon (she bites so be careful), the dynamic duo of JenLa(they work in television, how Cool!!), Wendy, Kerrie's Place, Just Jussi, She lives between number 6 and 7, or even loubylou, or even an angry chicken (?).

You live in one street, and so do you, and you, and you. You live across the road from me, and we have coffee with you, and you too.

In fact, if you're reading this, you probably live in Blogville too.

The best thing about Blogville is that there are no blogs. Only people.

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