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Yesterday I did not knit

12 Jan 2008

Much as I drivel on about my social life, my car accidents and general anasthetics, my actual day to day life is consumed with thoughts about knitting.

But yesterday, due to a case of too much sun caused by a very active day at Jamberoo Recreation Park*, I crashed out at about 8pm with both the kids on my bed.

I got up again around 11pm to find my husband trying to unblock a toilet - don't ask me what happened there - I kind of blearily looked and blinked and went straight back upstairs where I sneaked into Louis' bed and left the moving of the sleeping children to him.

Anyway, because of this, I didn't knit a stitch yesterday. And I feel kind of funny today, like I forgot to pick the kids up from school or I missed my stop on the bus.

Knitting is a part of who I am, ridiculously Opra-ish though that might sound. To know me is to know about the knitting. I could talk about knitting, read about knitting, scour the web looking at knitting, for ever and I probably will.

And on that note, I am shutting down the computer and taking to the sofa for a knit. The children are across the road playing (apparently they're making a movie on the ten year old neigbour's digital vicam he got for his birthday - whatever happened to British Bulldog or Marco Polo?)

Once again, I am attempting to get a successful sock going.

Finishing Frost Flowers and Leaves is my next goal, I am about halfway through repeat four of the second chart.

*What a place. The social services groups bus them down from the Western Suburbs of Sydney in their droves. I've never seen so many gangsta tattoos on torsos (some with their jail serial numbers under them, presumably in case they forget next time, or maybe they were on weekend release) in my life. And the girls, if you think a nose stud, belly button ring and a tramp stamp on your lower back is unusual and sexy, you should get down here and have a look at them en masse. Eww.

Being perfectly gorgeous, it is easy for me to be the judge of others of course. I fear I am turning into one of those middle aged women, tut tutting the young ones on their choice of attire - suprising how easy and pleasant it is to become what you used to despise.

And, speaking of pointless postings, anyone been reading the Australian ravelry forum lately?

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