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Hi. Bye.

31 Jan 2008

Self promotion. The recent discussions on ravelry lately (and other places too) have made me think about how I feel about people promoting themselves in a commercial sense on ravelry and elsewhere.

I think there are cultural factors involved, and I feel that, as a bit of a dinky di Australian, I find the idea of promoting yourself at every opportunity to be a bit off. Then again, maybe I picked that up from my years living in England.

I don't like the trend here of the proper professions ie; the doctors and the lawyers beginning to advertise on the radio and tv - I guess to an extent they've always advertised in the print media. I find radio ads for a law firms (if you've been in an accident call us - no win, no pay) to be particularly offensive. I wouldn't go to a lawyer who advertised on tv. Then again, the likelihood of me ever chasing compensation for an accident or wrongdoing is so remote it doesn't bear thinking about.

My sister, who has traditionally been employed in the sales 'industry' says I'm just typical of the anti-sales snobbery that comes from being an Accountant and having a bachelor degree, and that I should change my tune.

And maybe she's right.

Here you go then, different tune.

I 'designed' a short-sleeved boxy swing cardigan. Top down raglan (so what's there to design?), no seaming (except five stitches under the armpit), and a simple lace pattern to give the 'swing' part more of an airy feel, it has a Jackie O sort of feel - a perfect match for those black saucer sunglasses of mine.

Made in an unrepeatable but beautiful shiny mercerized cotton yarn (Moda Vera luxor) I got in a bargain bin from Spotlight - probably a worsted weight or 10-12 ply equivalent.

And now, no tune at all.

Due to various factors, some in the past, some in the future, coupled with some serious internet connection problems at home (from the lightning strike), this will be my last post from this blog.

I'm going to take February off to do something different, (the last two posts might give you a hint) and in March I plan on launching a new, improved, superfast blog. And maybe even a suprise or two to go with it.

I'll still be active on ravelry, I'm knitabulous over there - my avatar is the Sydney Luna Park Entrance.

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