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Leaving Las Vegas

16 Jun 2007

Have you seen that movie with Nicholas Cage in it?

I work on reception in a tourist (caravan) park. There is a man staying in one of the self contained cabins, he's been there for a few weeks. He is reasonably young, and is quite obviously a very serious alcoholic. He has displayed some very erratic behaviour during his stay; for example:

Last Tuesday night he went out on the lash - he drove there. Many hours later, he managed to find his way back to the cabin (without the car) to sleep it off. When he awoke the next day he assumed his car had been stolen, so he went out and bought another car. Subsequently his first car showed up. Now he is staying alone in a self contained cabin with two cars. Both of which he is too drunk to drive.

A few days ago, when he came into the office I almost died from the fumes coming off him, even though he was showered and reasonably well dressed. He noticed that I was knitting, accused it of being crocheting and then managed a 'knit one purl one' quip on his way out the door.

Yesterday he asked me to type a letter for him, and his hands shook so badly he could barely find the handwritten sheet in the pile of documents he had in his hands. It was a submission for the start up of a tourist activity business in our region. I typed it for him, offering him the same polite friendliness I do to all the customers. During the 20 minutes or so it took me (at 9am in the morning) he surrepticiously sipped from a small plastic bottle of 'juice'. He insisted I take ten bucks for my efforts.

He is supposed to leave next Tuesday. I don't have a shift now until 28th June. I feel very sorry for him, although everyone else on the park can't wait till he goes. I wonder how he's going to leave in two cars?

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