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27 May 2007

I've mentioned that my house was decorated professionally when it was built in the early 80's in a 'federation' style colour scheme and that, alas, it didn't time travel too well.

There are timber dado rails stained dark, and various wall colour combinations throughout the house featuring dark salmon, pale apricot, deep russet and bizarrely in the bar room, aqua blue.

The darker colour is painted below the dado rail, the lighter colour above. There are decorative cornices and very fancy ceiling roses painted to contrast with the ceilings themselves, which are
not painted with ceiling white, but the same colour as the walls.

What's the problem, just paint over it! I hear you say. Well it's not that simple. You see the previous owner had an interior designer carefully match to the carpet and the window coverings throughout the entire house, and all of them are of very high quality. Since we can't afford to replace the carpet and all the window coverings as well, we've just left it as it is for now, fearing ripping it all out would be worse than leaving it all there.

Well no more. I have decided, finally, to paint my bedroom.

Oh I have agonised. I have swatched, I have studied. I have piles of interior design magazines. I literally have hundreds of sample pots. At first I liked a nice pale green - wanting something cool and soothing. Then I went a bit obsessive over a paint colour exactly like the colour of deep clear water - impossible.

At last I decided on - wait for it - white. Well not exactly white, more like an off-white. But do I want a greeny white, a purpley white, a warm white or a cool white? A soft white or a stark white? Deciding on white was harder than deciding on a colour - there are an infinite number of whites.

If I were to tell you that I have been trying to choose the perfect white for over a year I would not be exaggerating one little bit.

However, the decision has finally been made. The paint has been purchased. Alan is having some time off around the long weekend to do the job, and I am still agonising over whether I've chosen the right colour.

I've never decided on a paint colour before. It's not easy, is it?

I'll do before, during and after shots I promise.

(for those of you interested, I'm going with Dulux Hog Bristle 1/4 strength. Like, it couldn't be more of a boring colour). Still, I'm scared witless.

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