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4 Jun 2007

In America, they have the Grand Canyon. I saw it once, and yep, it is a grand canyon.

Where I live, I have the Grand Pacific Ocean. I see it every day, and it's just as grand.

(Hi Jussi, I can see you waving from here!)

Alan and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary on the weekend.

Friday night was a special rare treat, Alan came home early from work and all four of us settled in on the sofa for a night of pizza and kids movies (Happy Feet and Night at the Museum). For those of you lucky enough to be able to do this every night I envy you. I can't remember the last time my husband was home from work in daylight hours - it happens maybe ten times a year tops.

Anyhow, enough boo hoo is me, on Saturday night we went out for dinner. Have a look at the divine menu here. I had the lobster boudin, and the lamb. Alan had the quail and the snapper. I'm so glad he didn't have the rabbit as I wouldn't have coped too well with that I don't think.

The sommelier suggested a nice pinot, I found it a bit acidic for the subtlety of the food, perhaps a softer shiraz would have been nicer, but we deferred to her better judgement at our peril.

For afters we shared the cheese and the creme brulee, the cheese was appropriately stinky and the brulee top was crunchy and slightly bitter - washed down with TWO glasses of delicious french sauternes (at $10 each for a small glass it was about a dollar a mouthful but worth every penny). Bliss bliss bliss. We even managed to find something to talk about other than the children, difficult for anyone after ten years of marital blah.

Yesterday mum and dad took the kids to Symbio wildlife park. We met them up there after a luxurious sleep-in and a scrambled egg on toast breakfast. It was a crisp warm and perfectly clear day - gorgeous. I took some obligatory photos of the wildlife.

I find it funny that I've probably taken a hundred photos of this old koala over the years, and as for that corella - I swear he's the same one that bit me on the finger when I was ten. I believe he recognised me, can't you see the glint in his evil eye?

And on that note, I shall bid you adieu. I am off to sew up the pieces of the patti cardigan right now - wish me luck. I'm excited ... this garment may even work.


(Symbio would be a good place for a family blogger meet, everyone could bring their kids and other halves if they have them - eveyone has a good day then - and we could picnic on the grass and get to know one another in a lovely relaxed setting - being kind of halfway ish between this neck of the woods and Sydney it is quite convenient - any takers?)

My friend and I were discussing marriage at the school last week - she said 'It's a bit like eating chicken every night isn't it?" Funniest thing I've heard in a long while that. For indeed, it is exactly like eating chicken every night after a while. I guess the secret is to use a lot of different sauces.

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