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Rain Rain don't go away

30 Oct 2005

Did you know that I have powers? There are three tasks that when done around this house guarantee that it will rain immediately hence. There are three loads of washing on my clothesline. We sprinkled bindii-kill on the lawn yesterday. The pool heating has been switched on for the season.

All of these things conspired to make it rain, rain, rain. Not that I mind, we need to fill those dams.


Yesterday was stitch and bitch. I just LOVE this group. We had a smaller group yesterday which I think was better as we got to talk to each other and really check out what everyone was up to. I always link who was there, so by now everybody knows who they are so I won't do it again. Jussi, Stripey Tiger, Moggy and Annie (and me) were the bloggers, and another 15 or so peeps who knit but don't blog about it. It was revealed that one person, LISA LISA LISA!! does a bit of lurking on the blogs but doesn't comment.

I wonder if I put out some lisa-bait she might make a comment?

[begin Lisa trap]

Lisa's hair looked great yesterday.

We had an excellent funny conversation about boobs.

My favourite comment of the day came from Lisa: (when discussing toe up sock technique) "the great thing about toe up is that you can fuck around with the top part and make them look really good".

Fuck around. That's a technical term. Funny funny funny.

[end Lisa trap]


My camera is out of action still. Actually it's more serious than that. Our computer overheated and blew up some months ago. Alan got me a little cheap laptop second hand from his office - the keyboard is knackered so I plugged the old keyboard into it. Well then the software for the supercrap camera corrupted itself, but since the diskdrive doesn't work either I couldn't re-install it. Which left me no choice but to email any picture files to myself from another computer (at work or Alan's laptop) if I wanted to have pictorial blog. This is of limited value because when I have time I don't have the resources and vice versa.

Where is she going with this??

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. (Note that did not stop me from going to snb.) He got some money as a gift so I encouraged him to go to the big electrical shops and put it toward an ipod. Realising we had been having 'we need new computers' conversations recently, this was a deliberate step, like sending an alcoholic to a corporate box for the Melbourne Cup. A techie man with no kids in tow browsing happily in the big computer/electrical store on his birthday with encouragement from wifey! I was hoping he would come back with a new pc.

Alas and alack, he came back with a $50 games bundle for the kids. Sweet huh?

But he slept on it. And this morning he had a shower and announced "I'm going to look at computers". On the sofa is a glossy adzine heralding the wonders of the multimedia pc for home entertainment use.

I wonder what he'll come home with? I hope they chuck in a free camera.


In leiu of pictures of anything knitted, even though I do have stuff to show you, I did a stitch count of the number of stitches on the mystery shawl.

Clues 1,2,3 - start at 3 then increase by 2 until 231 stitches and then four straight rows: 14,148 stitches
Plus the purl rows: 14,148 stitches

Clue 4 - pick up and knit 231 stitches and then increase by four each row until 311 stitches
5,691 stitches
plus the purl rows 5,691 stitches

Edging - each 10 row repeat has 282 stitches and it is repeated 29 times down each end and I think twice in the middle
16,920 stitches

Making a total of 56,598 stitches in total for the Mystery Shawl 2.

Interesting aren't I?

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