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Knitting TV Kids and being a bag

25 Oct 2005


Hey Hey Hey! Look who got on the cover of the knitty calendar! That glitzy showgirl SYDNEY!! Yay us! I've gotta get me one of those.

I'm knitting two things right now - the Annie Modisett silk corset and the mystery shawl 2.

Silk corset - I am SO LOVING THIS KNITTING!!!!!! The silk is soft like chamois and has a lustre like pearls. The colour makes it look like beaten copper. I'll take a picture tomorrow outside. You're going to love it.

Mystery shawl 2. I abandoned the white one. Too many mistakes. I did it again with some two ply silk handdyed raspberry on a bigger needle. Much better.

People have been saying that the second MS is smaller than the first judging by the result of the first two clues. The pattern designer must have been doubled over with laughter reading this, knowing what was to come. What you do is knit a triangle increasing at the ends on either row ending with 115 stitches on the needle.

Then came the big suprise, you cast off the 115 stitches and then pick up from the other two sides, making a massive mitred square off the point of the triangle. I'm only 10 rows or so into that part and let me tell you it's really eating the yarn up now. The pattern is magnificent. Join the group and see for yourself.


So, they still haven't voted that potplant Daniel Spillane off Australian Idol. And ten to one Kyle Sandilands has one and only one season as a judge. What an odious opinionated mannerless profane crass uneducated unintelligent twat with no credibility or reason to be there. Voice of the young generation my arse. They've both gotta go.

Ditto to the big hotel doorman on Survivor - umm - Judd. I wish someone would tell him that for a guy with such a high opinion of himself he certainly has managed to have had very little success to show for his efforts. Zero personality, negative amount of charm and looks, and crap job to boot. He's gotta go. I'm still worried about that farmboy though - he most certainly is a schemer - I reckon he'll be there at the end. My prediction is there will be no merge - if the last survivor can spend a night alone as the last man standing on the tribe I'd say they'll be re-enacting that again. Especially since they're allowing eavesdropping on TC by a member of the other tribe.

What's with Hugh Laurie? Does he just get sexier each week on House or what? I don't care if each plot is identical (patient either has disease A or disease B. There is no way of knowing which because it is too late. Treatment for disease A will result in certain death if in fact the patient has disease B. Vice versa. House to make judgement based on boob size.) I think he's a cure in himself. He's making my TV week at the moment.

How's this for a gen Y moment? Watching the ARIAS the other night with my 7yr old son and 5yr old daughter on the son's bed. I said to them "come on. off to sleep now" I went to turn off the TV.

"NO!!!" they cried in unison. "WE WANNA SEE THE HOFF!!!"

"What??? You mean DAVID HASSELHOFF?????? From BAYWATCH???"

"Dont be silly mummy, what is Baywatch? We wanna see DAVID HASSELHOFF from Spongebob Squarepants escape from Bikini Bottom"

I really should monitor what they're watching more.


My friend Sharon makes bags. She keeps it pretty quiet as she's a true purist and wants it perfect before it goes on public display. I don't care, I'm going to tell you all about them. They are called 'stuff sacks' I think. They're made of linen and they have a drawstring top, and are beautifully lined with shot satin. They are perfectly sized for knitting projects or other small craft projects. Sometimes she copies blog banners onto fabric and personalises them for gifts.

So if you want to be a bag one day then when she gets them up and running, go an buy one. You won't be sorry.

And here's one she prepared earlier.

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