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Secret Pal 4

25 May 2005

I am always late. Always.
Secret Pal 4 finished up last month. I was sending to a great lady named Emily. Co-incidentally, she was sending to my mate Donni, which is pretty spooky really. Emily, I hope you liked what I sent you, and I think some of the last order is still on it's way in dribs and drabs from knitpicks. I actually ordered it last month, but some of it was on backorder, so you should be getting a few little things over the course of the next week or so.

I think me and my SP sender must get the award for the two secret pals with the most distance between them. My secret pal was from Nova Scotia. Now that is a long long way away. I like looking at her blog to see what it's like to live somewhere so cold. I can hardly imagine it, to be honest.

Her name is Sheri. I love the name of her blog. I recieved my final parcel from her late last week, and all up this is what I received:

* some sock yarn (which I have already made into one pair of little socks for the little lady in the house) in a great colourway - I liked this because I don't really have much access to patterned sock yarn locally. And lots of sock patterns to go with it.

* a handmade sea-glass pendant - now this little item really fried my burger. Firstly, it came all the way from Nova Scotia - which is mind boggling in itself. Secondly, it looks just like the sea-glass we get on our beaches. Thirdly, it came from the sea - and I practically define myself in terms of how close I can be to the surf, the coast and the ocean. The beach - that's my thing. I get all disoriented when I travel to places that have no coastal boundary. So this little bit of blue glass is an enigma to me - I have hung it in my car and it when I look at it it makes me think of all sorts of bits and pieces from my life and stuff like that and I am really into it. So, thanks Sheri, because I love this little thing!

* a handmade calico bag with a picture of a lighthouse on it. The lighthouse thing I really like too, same reasons as above. Plus this bag is extremely practical for carrying knitting around.

* a pattern for a great felted buttonhole bag. Given my first distastrous attempt at felting, (I have since recovered, I so will not be dictated to by my knitting!) I am encouraged by this pattern. I am definitely going to make it.

* chocolate - everyone loves the chocolate!

* some undyed wool in a very natural state (I can't remember the name but I googled it at the time and found it to be a very educational thing) and some kool-aid which I put together to make a really great combination for a first timer. I see a felting experience coming on with this stuff but for now it sits dyed and delicious in the yarn cupboard. It's not lonely in there, don't worry.

So thank you Sheri, you were a great secret pal.

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