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Reality TV - contains ranting

5 May 2005

Since I don't have much to comment on this week and I just know NONE OF YOU want to know what I had for dinner last night, I am going to discuss reality tv. Please be advised the following post contains character assassination based on no facts, only my humble opinion.

We may be a week or so behind the US, so please bear with me if this is old news. I am a survivor survivor. I don't know why but I LOVE survivor. But this series has tested my loyalty - why oh why do they make the same mistakes over and over? They should have kept Steph and booted Tom - and now she's gone and he looks like he's going to win. Disappointed.

More disappointed with Constantine going in Idol before that awful Scott. And not just because he chucked a mobile phone at his ex-girlfriend - because he is a terrible singer. But did you get a load of Constantine's horrible horrible overbearing mother??? Did you see the look of utter devastation on her face when he got the boot? I don't think she was in disbelief, I felt bad vibes from her face, like her disappointment was more to do with Constantine's failure than anything else. She couldn't even suck it up for the cameras and even try to look as though she loved and supported him anyway - I bet that poor boy was in BIG trouble when he got home. She reminded my of bunny in Sex & the City.

And then there's that supernanny show. I hate this show. I hate that nanny - I find her controlling and anti-children. What kid is going to go to the naughty mat when they're twelve?? What happens to her theories when the children get old enough to reason for themselves? And her rough accent really grates on my nerves. I rant at the TV - "there is no such word as asseptible!!" This show is designed to tell people what to think. The show wants me to think that the parents are weak and undisciplined and that supernanny sees all. As a parent I know that we can all be weak and undisciplined at times, and the extreme behaviours they show can be edited out of context so it looks worse than it really is. The show wants me to think the world is full of spoilt kids and bad parenting. Whether this is true or not I don't care, I just hate being told what to think. (There is the alternate theory that I hate this show because my own children are undisciplined and spoilt. I can't comment on this but I will put it out there.)

So there you go, an unsolicited TV review. Maybe I should have shared a recipe instead.

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