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29 Apr 2005

Pfft. Plink plink plink plink. Plink. Aaahh.

Friday night. Wine night. Tonight it's Fishbone, a Western Australian Cabernet Shiraz. John Rocha for Wedgewood crystal glass. No, let's be serious - it's more of a crystal bucket. Heaven.

I have survived the first week of school. I don't actually go to school, but I do take the firstborn to school every day. He's six. I struggle with the notion of him going to a private school (so elitist), but thanks to the bad reputation the NSW Teachers Federation have given the state school system I am afraid to send him to the local (free) public school. The Teacher's Federation complain of under-resourcing, low literacy rates, bullying et. al. and are so left wing they refuse to allow any singular religious symbolism or celebration of any event which may disenfranchise a minority group. For example, there is no Mother's Day or Father's day celebrations (what of the children with no mothers, or no fathers, or two mothers or two fathers?), nativities are banned at Christmas (what of the Muslims and the Buddhists?). So, afraid he might not learn to read at the local state school I send him to the local Catholic school where he is bullied, class sizes are astronomical, his literacy leaves something to be desired and I can't squeeze in past the perfect blowdried Mercedes M class driving desperate housewives chattering away about property prices to get him to class on time. Plus I am always late.

Shame my camera is kaput as I have much to share. The Wool Peddler sent me the silk/wool - the same stuff for which the Clapotis is made. I see now what the fuss is about. It was dyed especially for me, and wait there's more, because I waited a few weeks for the delivery she sent me two hanks of sari silk gratis. I can not speak more highly of this mob.

I revealed myself to my secret pal. Now I can post comments on her blog which I have wanted to do for some time now. She's Emily and you can find her here.

I received a gift from my secret pal. It was a hank of handspun natural wool and some kool aid. I have not taken pictures of it before but have already dyed it and it looks great!

Jacqueline who hosted sp4 (great job too J) sent me some kool aid as well. I must admit we did drink some. The kids were obsessed. They LOVED it!!! But even if this stuff were available in Australia I wouldn't be letting my kids drink it. It stained their tongues, their clothes, it has a ph of around 2.5 and what's with the 1 cup!! of sugar you have to mix with it? Surely it would rot the teeth right out of their little skulls? And BTW, I'm not some mueslii munching hippy who video's her home birth either! (ok I may have cried a bit at this, and I stole the link shamelessly from Glacia's blog)

I said some stupid thing to some people this week that made me sound like a pretentious vain cow. I wish I could take them back because I meant something completely different, it just came out badly. These people are never going to read this blog unfortunately.

Finally, I was in my front yard yesterday and can you believe what I saw in the bushes across the road? A Stripey tiger!!!This crafty chick actually lives across the road - am I lucky or what??

On that note I'm off back to the plonk. Bonsoir mes amis.

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