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10 May 2005

So I bought the andromeda yarn from the wool peddler. And I got great service, a free gift, and some haute couture yarn (she actually dyed the yarn to my specs so it is really couture darling). I thought it was going to be an itty bitty clapotis (my second one). But I looked and I looked at it and it didn't say 'clapotis' to me. No no no, it said something more poetic. Haiku.

I started the Haiku, and I ran out of yarn halfway through the second sleeve. So, I frogged it back to the box pattern on the two front sides, and knitted them back in a v-neck instead, freeing up some yarn for the final sleeve half. When I finished I had about 10cm of yarn left, a very close call. This cardigan looks terrific. You're going to have to take my word for it because my camera is still sulking.

But then there is that is a law of physics - for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every triumph there is a defeat. So, I should not have been suprised to find when I went to wind the undyed hank of andromeda into a ball (this yarn has a lustre so fine I don't want to dye it at all) that Blair had taken to it with her craft scissors and almost half the hank is in lengths of about five feet. I am devastated, and can probably only be consoled by ordering more.

I went to Kmart and bought some lovely casein size 4.5mm knitting needles. The barcode fell out of the plastic sleeve en-route to the checkout, causing the dreaded price check requirement. Extroadinarily young and attractive sales girl calls another almost identical young and attractive sales girl over to the register. "can you get me a price on, um, um, .... these things?" she asks. The one going to find the price says to me "are these down where the, um, um .... wool is?" I say to her (cheerily) "do you know what they are?" She laughs a bit embarrassed "Nuh." Guess what? She didn't care either. No stitch n bitch groovy young chicks with sticks revolution in her eyes. My pastime was neither interesting nor cool, these 'things' she had to check the price on were of little consequence. She flounced off, and brought back a pair with a barcode. I paid and away I went.

It wasn't until I got home and started casting on that I realised she brought back size 5.0mm. Drats.

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