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She's gone

15 Apr 2005

Hello dahlink. Come in. Sit Sit. No, not there dahlink, that's Moet the cat on the ottoman. Pull that curtain across, and come into my parlour. Let me move some of this flotsam out of the way. Yes, dahlink, that's a crystal ball you see there on the table. I beg your pardon? Oh, of course I vill, later.

Vot did you say? Oh the haze, they're my joss sticks dahlink. They add to the atmosphere. And vith a reading like yours we'll be needing some fine atmosphere. Vould you like some apple tea? I agree it does smell like cognac, but it's tea I tell you, tea. Put your feet up. Let me pour you some. See? Don't you feel nice and vorm now?

Yes I see you are suprised to find me here. You're probably looking for her. No, she's not here, she's gone to Surfers Paradise. Took those offspring and the husband for a little holiday. Left me here all alone as usual. Who am I? I'm her evil twin - Stolichnya. I'm a psychic.

She did vont me to tell you a few things - and if there's one thing they say about Stolychnya it is that she always gets a good result. So if I must I must. She had a haircut. Thank heaven I said, that regrowth was an embarrassment to the family. Someone was going to race V8 supercars down her off centre part if it kept up. She's let herself go you know.

She was making a drop stich wrap from the spring knitty from her handpainted laceweight, but she left that here for me to look after. Moet has jumped all over it. She's allergic you know. You vont to see the wrap? Well, there's no accounting for taste. I vill show you.

And she vonted me to tell you that she is making more socks. I tell her, "it's not the vor time dahlink you know, there is no need for such frugality", but she does not listen. Maybe you can talk some sense into her. Vot was that my dear? You vont to see the socks? Are you sure? Because you don't have to be polite on my account, you have no idea vot it is like for me living in her shadow. Me, a vorld renowned clairvoyant left here amongst all this yarn and sharp sticks. It is very very bad feng shui you know dahlink. What was I saying? Oh yes, the socks. She did a swatch this time. It didn't help, it is still too big.

But come now, enough of her. She's not here. We're all alone. Have some more apple tea. I will gaze into my crystal ball for you. No charge, dahlink, we're friends. I see a journey, through the sky to a deserted beach, a handsome dark stranger. Vealth beyond your vildest imagination. Vorld peace. No starvink children. Oh my, you are a special one.

She vill return, of course. About a veek. But do drop by again for another reading dahlink. Or some apple tea.

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