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3 Apr 2005

As I said, I joined a gym. A real swanky one. Well, I went to said swanky gym and used it. For three days after I could not walk, bend my knees or sit down. Sitting on the sofa involved lining up the target and dropping with an almighty thud on the seat. Can easily now see how one could break couch doing this (so Glacia, it's okay). Going to the toilet practically required assistance (like a nursing home patient). I had to sleep with my six year old because I was too sore to carry him back to his bed when he crept in in the middle of the night. Pump class was Thursday, I can only walk without flinching today, Sunday. Why would any sane person do this? To top it off - I'm going back there!!

The pope died. I went to mass. Two weeks in a row now, because we went for Easter too. I like mass. I like the idea of a group of strangers standing together in one place proclaiming to beleive in something other than themselves. I like the ideas of do unto others, turn the other cheek, etc. I also like the ritual. It is a bit 'native' and steeped in history and hypnotic in a way. It is also relaxing, because I have to NOT TALK for one full hour. Maybe I am no longer a lapsed Catholic.

I have hit knitting wall. Socks finished. Everything is boring. No good patterns, no good yarn, no inspiration at all. Nothing in stash or WIP fancies me*. Can't wait for IK spring to arrive in post as I have knitter's block. Can't wait for yarn ordered from Woolpeddler to arrive so I can see what this 50/50 wool/silk in a single strand 'knits like butter' looks like.

Been to mass. Going to spend the rest of the day cleaning shower screens and bathroom floors and washing bedlinen and vacuuming carpet and cleaning windows and oiling timber furniture and then am returning to swanky gym for more torture. Torture all day and them some afternoon torture. I wish my Fairy Godmother would make me 'Vietnamese Chicken Salad' for dinner.

*"fancies me". In joke. I once had a Swedish friend who used to get her vernacular a bit mixed up. Standing in Taco Bell in Earl's Court London tiddly one night she looked up at the menu and said "Nothing here fancies me". Brought the house down, I've used it ever since.

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