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9 Apr 2005

Struck down with a bad case of knitblog and knitwork block, I did something I thought I would never do. I bought a ball of silky faux fur stuff. I saw it in a local craft shop and it had 'faux fur stole for Blair' all over it. It was a magnificent peacock green colour (a colour I am presently obsessed with). I took it home and knitted it up. It was very lustrous. It stank like petrochemicals and felt like it had some sort of oily coating on the surface - like a wet seal. It says 'dryclean only' on the label - ridiculous. Anyhow - at least it was quick - over in less than two hours. But you know what?? It looks fabulous on Blair and suits her ballet school uniform just perfectly.
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I finished a crochet spiral scarf some weeks ago but forgot to post pictures. Now seems like a good time as I have little else to say. I got the pattern off the internet, it was quick too. Because it is crocheted, I didn't have to cast off 700 odd stitches. I will wear it like a sort of collar rather than a scarf I think. It's a keeper.
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I began the felted french market bag from knittty. I only got to 136 stitches in the increases as I thought I would go insane if I had to do endless rounds of 200 stitches (I am very impatient). I started it on Thursday night and finished it today (Saturday). Once it got going I enjoyed it, but for some reason I just couldn't get my head around the increases in the base. I also used 6.0mm circulars instead of the 4.5 recommended, as I knew the lovely nundle woollen mill merino was a good felter. I didn't swatch. Never do. I like suprises. I also made use of the Fibonacci sequence when determining the stripe pattern. This appealed to my need to count everything and my dislike of randomness, and I was very happy with the results. Here it is pre-felting, I used my current knitting bag as a size guage for the before and after shots.Knitty felted French Market Bag - pre-felting Posted by Hello

Well, she's out of the washing machine and she look great. It felted like a shrinky dink. I am even happier with the felted version. It is night time now so the after shots would be a bit dark if I did them now. You wouldn't mind? Oh alright then, just wait one second while I go and take a photo of her..........(tick...tick...tick) there you go.

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So I guess the knitblock has passed. But there was NOTHING on the needles, and NOTHING on the drawing board. (Plenty of WIP in the cupboard...but chose to ignore that fact).

Then a miracle happened. Knitty spring. I was so excited when I saw it there in my inbox. I rushed straight away and clicked on all the patterns. That fired me up. Co-incidentally, I acquired two balls of Karabella lace mohair yesterday, just the perfect amount for the midstrength version of 'its a wrap'. I'm going to begin right now. I wonder if there's a knitalong?

I was going to say something poignant about the pope, something droll about Charles and Camilla* but my shallow and fickle emotions were eclipsed by immediate need to tell of the TORTURE I endured seeing AWFUL VIDEO of Cheryl Crow singing 'The first cut is the deepest' on the video screen at swankygym today. If that was an Idol audition it wouldn't have seen the light of day. Flat singing, boring clothes, no-imagination video. I am Simon Cowell and that's your lot for the day.

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