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kids say the darndest things

25 Mar 2005

Any child psychologists reading this can kindly refrain from commenting. Any armchair Dr Phils, comment away.

The children across the road lost their grandmother. My children spend a fair amount of time playing with them so I thought I'd have a talk to them about it.

In the car coming back from somewhere or another I say something like "you must be especially kind to your friends at this time because their grandmother died. Imagine how awful you would feel if your grandmother died. That's how your friends feel, now it the time to show you're a true friend and be sympathetic to them"

Son, 6, pipes up, "Age, cancer or murder?"

Alan and I both spin heads around to back seat "WHAT???"

Louis: "How did she die? Age, cancer or murder?"

I have no idea where that came from


I have been feeling a bit broody lately. The biological clock thing I guess. I am having pleasant thoughts about having another baby every day. My left brain hopes this will pass before I ovulate.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time with my daughter. And I talk a lot.

Me (thinking out loud): "Wouldn't it be fabulous to add a new baby to our family?"

Blair, 4, : "Yes mummy. But how would the doctor get me back in your tummy"

Cute huh?


I have a lot of knitting stuff to post, here's a quick preview

I went to my friend Donni's house and rolled around in her yarn stash. It was as much fun as you could have without alcohol involved. She has pictures on her blog.

I started making another sock. It is turning out fine thank you very much. I am enjoying it as much as I would enjoy wrestling a giant octopus.

The lace stole is almost done and will be transformed by blocking. I hope.

I bought some new wool for the felted french market bag - stuff that will felt this time.

I took the old wool for the felted french market bag back - stuff that wasn't going to felt and exchanged it for sock yarn. Who am I kidding? I blame Donni.

I found a bargain online yarn store. No it is not knitpicks. It is called the wool peddlar and I bought some 50/50 silk/wool just like l&l but cheep cheep. I got some undyed and some handpainted.

I would like to set up an exchange where I will post chocolate biscuits and candy to anyone kind enough to send me some kool-aid for dyeing. We can't get it here in Australia and I would like to give it a go. Any takers?

I sent a book off to someone on the sp webring. Shhh.

My secret pal got her package and I suspect knows who I am. If you are snooping around here Emily I am making you that hat tonight and I wish I could come to your place for lunch on Sunday sounds yummo.

I will elaborate on these things over Easter with all that luxurious free time I have.


A happy, safe and peaceful Easter to you.

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