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The Journey of the Trans Seasonal Piece Of Shrug

20 Mar 2006

The pattern for Amelie arrived from White Lies Designs last week. Let's just acknowledge from the start that although my sister originally ordered a 'TSPOS', Amelie ain't no shrug.

I picked up the yarn from a secret location on Friday night, where it had been ingeniously hidden by my yarn pimp. I called my sister and asked her to measure her boobs. We had a lengthy conversation about post baby boobs and the biggest loser.

I swatched for guage as the yarn I bought may be slightly thinner than the yarn the pattern was designed for. This process revealed an anomaly. A yarnover mystery, if you will. Observe the following phenomenon.

The lace pattern goes thusly (like that? 'thusly' - that's what it says in the pattern - how medieval) YO K1 K3TOG K1 YO. So, how come the first yarn over yields a space twice as big as the second yarn over? I dunno either, but it really looks crap.

I finished the back before I came to grips with how much this was bothering me.

So, on to the front. The pattern says LEFT FRONT. There are short rows in the front section, to make it a curved edge. Spatially I can't picture anything, dumb as dogshite in that area so this didn't mean much to me. I'm not a very experienced knitter either, but I am an obedient knitter, so just plugged away at the pattern. With two changes. Firstly, The K3tog was a real pain to do, so I did a S1K2togPSSO insead. Secondly, I did a double yarnover at the end of the lace pattern to try and alleviate some of that symmetry problem I was having on the back. Voila.

You can't really see it too well but the two yarnover widths are almost identical when I do it this way.

Anyhow, the LEFT FRONT is very almost complete now. Except there's a problem.

Can you see what it is?


If I weren't so sure I'd embarrass myself I'd say this could be a pattern error.

Now to do a LEFT FRONT. The only directions I have are to do a LEFT FRONT (which is actually a RIGHT FRONT) but reverse all the shapings. Wish me luck.

And in other, non TSPOS related knitting news, the shetland sampler stole, she grows. I'll post a photo on it's own in a second, I think this post has done it's dash with the blogger pic upload.

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