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We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you, you, you

20 Mar 2006

On Sunday, we went to Taronga Park Zoo. It's been too long since I've been out on Sydney Harbour, and yesterday she was so gorgeous I fell in love with her all over again.

For those of you who have never been to the zoo in Sydney I'll describe it. The rest of you can move along, nothing to see here. We drove into the city and parked in my husband's office block. It is only one block back from Circular Quay, the main ferry terminal on the south side of Sydney Harbour. A ferry called Friendship took us over the harbour to the Taronga Park Zoo, which is situated on a very steep hill on the north side of Sydney Harbour.

It was a busy day on the harbour yesterday, the water was criss-crossed with scores of white foamy lines where the many people out on their yachts, cruisers, water taxis and other pleasure craft were heading off in all directions on the water. Seaplanes droned overhead, ferrying passengers to and from the exclusive restaurants up and down the Parramatta River.

And, as anybody who has ever been there knows, Sydney Harbour is full of wavers. My kids waved like kids do at every single person who passed us on that short ride over to the zoo, and I'm pleased to say that all of them waved back. Even the seriously loaded passengers on the big big pleasure cruisers waved. And indeed, even the sociopathic knitabulous waved. Once - and just a little bit.

The harbour bridge, the opera house, Mrs Macquarie's chair, Double Bay, Fort Denison - they were all there basking in the sunshine. She's a looker that Sydney Harbour, no doubt about it.

When you arrive at the Zoo jetty at Mosman, you're at the base of the very steep hill on which the zoo is built. When I was a kid you either got a shuttle bus to the top or you just started at the bottom (penguins) and worked your way up to the top (flamingos?). Not so now, in the days of impeccable customer service. Now, you get to the top via a chairlift.

Here's what you see out the window all the way up the hill.

When you get to the top entrance, you can wander downhill and look at all the animals all the way to the bottom so you don't get tired. We talked to the animals all day. On the way down there are plenty of photo opportunities. The backdrop is astounding.

And look at these big ears!

And, did you know darling that titanium and black are the new white for pleasure cruisers? It appears that no self-respecting multimillionairess would be caught dead in a white cruiser these days.

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