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A fortnight in knitting - part 5

11 Mar 2006

The theme for knitabulous knitting 2006 is challenge and reward. And stashbusting. I'm only going to knit three things at a time max, as an avid knitting Olympic spectator I have discovered that if you keep knitting the same thing EVEN WHEN BORED WITH IT guess what? You finish it.

The challenge for this fortnight was to attempt a cable knit. I vowed to give lace a rest and try other techniques like colourwork and cables, having never done either. I knitted a narrow cable scarf from some cashmerino from the stash.

I also discovered that I could scan my knitting. And then I discovered that Blogger won't upload the scan.

I am working on two things presently. I joined the shetland sampler stole KAL run by the lovely Eunny, the pattern is in a gathering of lace. I'm not very far along and I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but imagine a crumply mess about 8 cm long. I'm using a very interesting yarn though, SWTC infinity - a soysilk very fine laceweight in a soft buttery cream. If you look at the KAL website you'll see some beautiful coloured ones, I'm a bit envious of them if the truth be told.

I've got enough turquoise zephyr to do it, is it too late to start again??

Also, there's a glaring mistake about six rows down, will I tink down that repeat and sort it out? I am scared to do it, and indecisive about it. One thing is for sure, I won't be able to post a picture of it on the KAL site with a mistake in it. Which doesn't worry me as much as knowing the mistake is there. I promise by next fortnight to have either let it go or fixed it.

The other thing is the bear claw blanket. I ripped the ugly seam and have continued in making the squares first. So little progress has been made it is embarrassing to photograph, but knitting is done one stitch at a time, and it is a few hundred stitches closer to being finished. I don't think it will get done this year, and taking the pressure off finishing a project makes it a very pleasant backstop knit.

And finally, the affairette with the embroidery spawned a love child. Declan the celtic heart.

But I do have a picture of the sky, taken on my way home from meeting Donna from Randomknits on Tuesday.

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