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19 Jan 2006

Lately, I've been happening upon a lot of blogs emanating negative vibes. In fact, oceans of negative vibes. And I, for one, don't want to go swimming. No links for you either, you have to wait till your food settles, otherwise you'll get cramp and drown. (Did your mum tell you that when you were little? You do now realise it's total crap don't you?)

However one of the threads giving me the most laughs at present is a topic they're discussing on the knitflame. (google it if you want the link - I'd prefer it if they weren't on my case too). Some poor soul mentioned on the knitlist that she wanted to go to the yarnshop alone as she got nasty looks from the salespeople when she took her wild toddler with her and that she couldn't leave him at home as his father was scared of him. She then added lol.

Anyhow, the knitflame got hold of it like flies on poo. From indignant "I can't believe a father was scared of his own child" to "some men are just lazy bastards" to insinuating that "she can't discipline her own child and won't allow him to either" - oh puleez you people - breathe! I think she was joking - you know what that is??

And besides, I'm terrified of my kids too.

This has led me to ponder the question that others have pondered before me and others will ponder in the future. WHY DO I KEEP THIS BLOG??

I started the blog for sp4. Simple truth. I wanted to get free stuff so I started a blog. So, I guess I have Jacqueline to thank for that. The first comment I got I nearly pissed my pants with excitement, although now I look back at it I think it may have been spam - but how the hell was I to know that waay back then?

For some people, it's the comments that keep them going. Not me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them but I'm as guilty of lurking as you are. And quite frankly, I would say those bloggers with hundreds of 'that thing looks amazing - what yarn did you use?' turned the 'email me my comments' off years ago.

For others, it's the creative expression, the tangible documentation of their artistic life. Well, I know some people personally who fall into that blog category and to them I say 'slanche' (Irish cheers) and please don't ever stop. But I don't fall into that category myself. I don't design - what I do is knit from patterns, and half of what I knit I rip out anyway. For heaven's sake, it's not rocket science, it's binary code!!! (As Sharon and I have discussed on previous occassions)

And it's not the other blogs either. I don't have a competitive bone in my body, so I could stop blogging but keep visiting you all and still be soaring with wonderment at all those beautiful things you make, that gorgeous sewing, that really cool fabric, the intricate lace knitting, the super clever hat - etc, etc. All the free patterns would still be there, I could still access them without this blog.

And sometimes the blog is a pain in the arse. I feel like I used to be funny, but now it's just a chore. Kepping a blog is like starting a relationship, you can't keep your hands off them at first and then you find yourself peeing with the door open. So, I come to the desk and blog away, all the time thinking of England. You know what?? I know you can tell, but you're too polite to say anything.

Stranger still, some of my co-workers wanted the url of this site. I gave it to them reluctantly and now I wish I hadn't have. I am almost embarrassed about it, really. Is that wierd?

So if it isn't the comments, and it isn't the knitting. And god only knows I've never kept a diary in my life. ('Don't ever write anything incriminating down' - was my mother's advice to me as a teenager), so this has got me really wondering if it's all worth it. If I stopped blogging I'd get a heap more knitting done, that's for sure. I may even do the vacuuming.

But here's the rub. Do you really want to know why I keep this journal?

Then I'll tell you. It's because of all of you. The funny, tragic, fragile, creative, depressed, loony, serene, damaged, lucky, fascinating PEOPLE I have made contact with over the past year.

I'm talking about you.

Because you're gorgeous.

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