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Stole this meme from glacia

7 Jan 2006


Now I know what chicken fight is I can say Yes to that one.
Snuff - I knew what it was but wasn't sure about the 'dipped' bit - still I haven't ever done any snuff.

Have you ever...?

smoked a cigar: yes

crashed a friend’s car: no

stolen a car: no

been in love: yes

been dumped: no

dumped someone: yes

taken shots of alcohol: taken them where?

been fired: yes

been in a fist fight: yes

snuck out of a/your house: yes yes yes

had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back: yes

been arrested: no

made out with a stranger: yes

gone on a blind date: no

lied to a friend: yes

had a crush on a teacher: no

seen someone die: no

been on a plane: yes

thrown up in a bar: yes

miss someone right now: yes

laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by: yes

made a snow angel: yes

played dress up: yes

cheated while playing a game: no

been lonely: yes

fallen asleep at work/school: no

used a fake id: yes

felt an earthquake: yes (a little one)

touched a snake: yes - ugh

run a red light: yes

had detention: no

been in a car accident: yes

hated the way you look: yes

been lost: yes

been to the opposite side of the country: Well I haven't been to Perth but I drove from NY to LA.

felt like dying: no

cried yourself to sleep: yes

played cops and robbers: no

karaoke: yell yeah! (always a mistake)

done something you told yourself you wouldn’t: yes

laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose: yes

caught a snowflake on your tongue: no

kissed in the rain: yes

sang in the shower: yes

made love in a park: yes

had a dream that you married someone: no

glued your hand to something: no

got your tongue stuck to a flag pole: no

worn the opposite sex’s clothes: yes

been a cheerleader: no

sat on a roof top: yes

talked on the phone all night: yes

ever too scared to watch scary movies alone: no

played chicken fight: yes now Shannon told me what it was I can say I've done it.

been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on: yes. happens at our place ALL THE TIME!!

been told you’re hot by a complete stranger: yes

broken a bone: yes

dipped snuff: no

lived overseas: yes

ever passed out/fainted: no

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