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8 Jan 2006

The more knitted lace I see, the more I want to make. It has become quite an obsession.

I am currently unable to get these wedding ring shawls out of my head. Please go and have a look. To me, they are just pure bliss. However, I have yet to see any such finished objects out there in blogland. Anybody? The yarn harlot and snowball I think have ordered the patterns, but if they've finished them it's been a big secret. And they're like, famous knitting machines, not upstarts from suburbian Wollongong like myself.

So, this shawl thing and what the yarn blog has recently brought up has got me thinking. How many well known knitting patterns never get made because they're too complicated or too long or too expensive?? And is it because we're too lazy or that we're just accustomed to instant gratification that we can't commit ourselves to these large projects. After all, the satisfaction of completing such a thing of glory must be immense.

Pam Allen's wrap style has a beautiful wrap in it that calls for 18 skeins of cashmere. It's as thick as a woven blanket. How many of those do you think have been made by handknitters? I'll hazard a guess not that many.

The weekend getaway satchet (felted carpet bag) in the interweave recently - you know the awesome one with all the flowers. There's a knitalong for that, it started in July 05 and it doesn't look like a single person has finished it.

Compare that to the greek pullover knitalong - there's nothing but finished objects there - and how gorgeous are they all?

Ene's scarf out of scarf style has a few finishers as well, and that's not a lightweight knit. (Well it is lightweight actually but you know what I mean)

The clapotis knitalong's in it's third year and literally thousands have been finished. Branching out's done well too.

Which leads me to consider my number one coveted project, the bear claw blanket. I have started one before, and got almost one of the nine squares done. They're mitred, and you pick up the edge and carry on patchwork style and then join them all up with long strips of garter stitch. The whole blanket's done on sock needles.

If I google the 'bear claw blanket' - how many finished objects do you think I'll get???

Methinks this project may be too ambitious for me.

Shannon, that yoga thing is an EXCELLENT idea! I'll get onto that as soon as I can get arse off couch.

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