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17 Sep 2007

Thursday I spent the day with Donna and Lara at twinkies house. Thanks for the pikelets DAVID! It was a wonderful day, even if I had to break 140km/h on the way home to get to the kids in time.

Friday dawned bright and crisp (I'll assume this, as I wasn't awake to see it) - I spent the morning with my beautiful niece.

As I got ready to drive to Sydney I had a mild panic attack - OMG what will Lara think of me if she sees me in the same outfit two days in a row? (OK the game's up you guys - I'm not Australia's Paris Hilton). While I was getting dressed I had another mild panic attack (surely I'm not really this FAT??!!) but every fat woman knows you can hide fat behind too much makeup and tacky gel nails. And knitting needles for that matter - but that's another story.

After managing to get myself out of the house and into the car, the journey north to the big smoke was very pleasant indeed. The tank was full, there was cash in the wallet, the spring sun was in full force, the stereo was turned up and I sang at the top of my voice the whole way. It was one of those drives where the red lights stayed green and the weather was so beautiful - I had a fleeting fantasty of just keeping on going and not looking back...

I met Nicky Epstein at Tapestry Craft, and a lovely group of Sydney knitters - many of whom I have tracked down and otherwise met on ravelry. There were two older guild members in the crowd who were so incredibly rude to Nicky - I was mortified embarrassed - but she handled it with great finesse. I bet it's an international phenomenon - the rude and selfish old knitting 'expert'.

I came away with a signed copy of her new felting book and a greater appreciation of her as both a designer and a person - she has a wonderful engaging personality and a very sharp wit - a pleasure to listen to.

I drove straight back to my sister's new house where she was unpacking and helped her unpack boxes till about 10:30pm. Then I went home and had a few wines with the husband. I had only eaten once all day.

The next day I was struck with a modern day irony of life. I had fed my body on Friday the following: Caffeine (in two forms), Asian takeaway including white rice, sugar, four cigarettes (sshh - nobobdy saw me), one champagne and almost a bottle of white wine.

My hair on the other hand had enjoyed: strengthening amino-acid proteins designed to protect it, green tea antioxidants, moisturising agents including marshmallow root extracts, silk proteins, SPF15 and silicone glossing agents.

I guess that's called looking after yourself?

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