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24 May 2007

Flair is finished. Alas, there is no flair.

There is something wrong with this cardigan, it just doesn't fit properly - it's massive and kind of dodgy around the armpits. I won't blame Knit and Tonic, I'll blame my yarn substitution. I used Paton's Inca and I fear it was just too bulky for the knit.

However, I can make it look good in photography. Maybe I should have lied to you and told you it was an incredible cardigan, but I never lie. Honestly.

For those of you who read here regularly, this is my second finished Flair - both of them crappus maximus.

I've gone off it now anyhow. It's double breasted, why is that?
Project Specifications

Pattern: Flair by Knit and Tonic, pdf download, $6 USD
Yarn: About 16 balls of Paton's Inca (if not more - yes I should have known by this it was going to be too big)
Pattern Modifications:
Didn't swatch. Just knitted the second smallest size to make up for the bulky yarn. Not much success.

What about that Rowan Patti?

For Mother's Day this year, darling husband made a call to the Wool Inn at Penrith and paid for the yarn I ordered the week before on my trip there with Donna. It came in the mail on the Thursday before Mother's Day.

I cast on for Patti almost immediately.

Check out the knitted box pleat - I love it.

Here is a back and two fronts, with box pleats everywhere.

Here is a set of half finished sleeves. And here is all the yarn I've got left.

I have run out of yarn. I need another ball, two to be safe. Back to the Wool Inn for me then, probably only by phone though because it's two hours away.

So close, so far away.

This is why I knit shawls. My garments use too much expensive yarn and I am never happy with them anyway.

Shawls on the other hand, who cares if I don't wear them?

I love making them and I love blocking them and I love looking at them.

But just maybe, this Patti might be the one.

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