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Royal Easter Show Knitting round up

18 Apr 2007

The knitting at the Royal Easter Show was a mixed bag.

The lace was amazing. Beautiful. I realise I won two highly commended ribbons but truly I think there were other more deserving entries. (I did learn something though; don't enter a rose of england no matter how great it turns out, I'd say they're sick of seeing them, at least two this year - back to the drawing board for me in 08)

Some of the crochet was tragic.

One of the colourwork items with a lifeguard beach scene on it was incredibly fugly. Just because you can does not mean you should.

I agree Christine's faster pussycat go go! cardigan was robbed, however the criteria clearly don't include any aesthetic or wearability element.

Some of the aran jumpers were beautiful. The baby layettes were gorgeous - I wish people would use them more - newborns look so snuggly in hand knitted/crochet little matinee coats. I don't like seeing babies in dark colours or mini versions of mummy's fashionista outfits, I find that a bit off. Kinda competitive and sad. Anyway, I'm sure I'm alone in thinking this. And since my babymaking days are over (well, never say never..) it's a moot point anyway since I don't 'should' on other people. And nor should you. (hardy har)

Once again though, it was the baking that drew the crowds. And the cake decorating

My main gripe with the show was the styling and display. It is a shambles. I realise that glass cases only allow so much creativity but surely some thematic stories could be grouped together, or even some colour co-ordinating. And how about some timber coat hangers? Those mismatched plastic and wire ones just look so cheapo.
(eg: why would you shove a bright red aran next to these airy things??)

The easter show is getting more and more marketing savvy each year - which is great for the showbags and rides. Pity that the art categories aren't getting a share of the budget, it's a tired and dated way of showcasing what are meant to be the best handmade items in the country.
(a shambles, but not a beautiful one - and yes, that feathers up the back seems to have won a prize)

Anyway, that's what I think. I'll let you make up your own minds.....

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