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13 Dec 2005

I have been having the Mexican standoff with the blog.

"I refuse to blog about knitting until the knitting is finished" I threaten the blog. The blog just sits there and says nothing.

"I refuse to blog about the boring minutae of daily life unless I find it funny". The blog says nothing, secretly smirking that nothing much funny is going on.

I have been laying in bed at night composing interesting, witty and succinct blog posts only to forget them while I sleep. I am thinking of changing the whole thing, the name, the content, pity about the author - chucking the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.

I want one of those cool blogs, the artistic ones. I want you all to love me. No, scrap that, I don't give a stuff if you love me or not. So obsessed am I with the blog posting thing the pressure makes me freeze, unable to write anything.

Since getting the new computer and then the new new computer I lost all my favourites and have therefore neglected my friend Taryn. I promise I will be knitting some socks for the summer sockalong thingy. I haven't been to see Glacia in ages. Or Dani, my gorgeous secret pal from sp6. Or Grace, who I sent to in SP6, I wonder how she's going with that boy of hers? Is the boozehag's bump growing I wonder, did you know she's having a girl? And for a while there I was pretty pally with that chick calls herself skinnysomething and now I can't even remember her name!! No wait, its coming to me ...... Slimissa! What sort of blogmate am I? And Jussi, she's just gorgeous, how is she since she left work? Is her cold better, and moreover, can she come for coffee on weekdays now? Donna, I promised you something and haven't sent it yet, but I fully intend to do it soon. And preciouspreciousprecious I have been meaning to comment on your newborn blog but have been unforgiveably slack.

The pressure of having a blog is getting to me.

Still haven't bought a single Christmas present.

Still got a school bbq, a dancing xmas party, a surfclub xmas party, a party of my own to organise, heaps of tribe gifts, food to organise, and I want to get a list going of what I'm going to knit in 2006. And get a flickr album of finished items going.

Not only that, but my Elvis period is really going to have to end. 2006 is to be the year of the fit me, not the (insert elvis voice) 'cheeseburger momma' me.

On a positive note, beyond the silence of the blog there has been progress. Here's what a mystery shawl 1 looks like without the glaring errors.

I can't believe it. Blogger photos is down again. AARGH!

Does anybody else get like this?????

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