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20 Sep 2005

So I've been working on this top. I've been really careful about this top, took me ages to choose the right yarn and ages to choose the pattern. I have been knitting it for weeks.

When I went to set the sleeve in, suprise suprise the size of the armhole bore no resemblance whatsoever to the size of the sleeve cap. So, I added a few more rows to the armhole. And a few more. And a few more. Finally managed to fashion an armhole the same size as the sleeve cap. Now the problem is that the armhole and sleeve I have bear no resemblance to the pattern. And I followed the pattern. I did!

I tinkered with the shoulder seam, three needle bind-off no good, matress stitch no good, finally going with the kitchener stitch. But my kitchener stitch is not so good so it took me about four attempts to get it right.

I was being very very careful because I really do want to actually wear this top and I know I won't if it looks like a dodgy handknitted sack.

Oh the seaming nearly sent me over the edge. It turned out so-so, some pressing and blocking should smooth it out ok.

Anyway, got the sleeve in. Tried the top on.

Foul foul foul. Nasty nasty nasty. Yuk Yuk Yuk. The sleeve falls off shoulder, and it is too long, too wide. The whole thing is too bulky.

I read it the last rites while I took some photos. Next time you see it, it will be in balls in the dark cupboard under the stairs where it belongs. Impudent strumpet.

I think it will reincarnate itself into soleil instead. So, Sharon you may have a knitting buddy when you start your soleil - there's no effing sleeves in that is there?

I'm going to buy a tunic top instead. But first I need a long hot bath.

So if you see me today - we shall not speak of it.

On a totally different note, are any of you familiar with the 'barbie and the magic of pegasus' business? If you're not then I dearly wish I was you.

I tell you no lies that daughter of mine is going to burn out my brain stem if she keeps at me the way she has been about getting this overrated piece of plastic. Today mummy. I've been good mummy. Please mummy. It's not fair mummy. You don't love me mummy. And the classic "I'll cut up your knitting with my craft scissors" (said with a sideways glance of fear - she knows she's really pushing the boundaries here). For once I had the satisfaction of saying "Go ahead. Cut up the knitting, this top's driving me up the wall anyway".

I made the mistake of telling her if she learned how to write her name properly and did it 10 times on her own we would think about it. Far out she's a fast learner! Either that or she already knew perfectly well how to write her name and was waiting for this opportunity to milk something out of me before she disclosed her ability to me. I had to change the rules and include the address and phone number.

If she finishes that I'm giving her the phonebook. "If you can copy out the first 10 pages of this book I will buy you the pegasus toy".

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