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Here's what happened at the reunion

13 Sep 2005

OK so lunch ended up being a small affair. That's me on the left, Mary, Sheridan and Monica. We had way too much to drink. Isn't it a gorgeous day? We sat and watched the waves roll in and talked a load of bollocks until late in the afternoon when the waitress suggested we may be more comfortable 'elsewhere'. I was in bed by 8:30pm. And in case you aren't aware, I am a chronic insomniac and rarely go to bed before 1:00am.

Mary has a job that requires her to carry a gun. She is very senior and very successful, one of the youngest to have acheived such a high rank in her field. She has three children under 10 and has recently-ish become single again after 10 years of marriage. She is in great shape and has a belly button ring and another one somewhere else. She can be scary outrageous when she wants to be but was very demure on this day.

Sheridan is a great friend who lives in Brisbane. I only see her occassionally but I always love her company. She rivals me in the gift of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but she is such a gregarious, warm spirit everyone immediately forgives her. She came up with a great idea for our 40th's - pick a month and all go away together to Fiji or somewhere (presumably depending on budgets) in 2007 - the year of the 40th. Gee when I say it like that it seems like a long way off, doesn't it? She has four children, all daughters and the youngest is only 20 months old.

Monica is a great friend, a big talker and great support person. She loves the phone. She has one son who is 10 years old. Her husband did something tragic about 8 years ago which impacted on her in a very profound way, made her very lonely and also caused her son to be an only child who will never know his father. In spite of this she has a fighting spirit and is now in a very happy relationship with a pretty solid bloke (I introduced them!!).

We didn't eat much and worked our way through many bottles of wine. Top result.

Saturday night was much the same, though for the first time in my life I alternated wine with water. What a great idea!! Did a lot of catching up with old friends and girls I haven't seen since school.

Some interesting things about some interesting girls from our year:

I think many of us look better now at 37 than we did at 17. Those 80's were a shocker weren't they??

The headmistress nun from our early years is still a headmistress, but SHE IS NO LONGER A NUN!!! I wish I could sling some dirt on this story but that's all I know.

We are a fab bunch of breeders. Most prolific went to the girl pregnant with her 5th child. Plenty of 4's and 3 was the most common number. Oldest child - 15 years. Youngest child - 10 weeks, not counting the pregnant ones.

One girl sent her apologies from London. Others had moved to Italy.

Many girls just couldn't resist more uniforms with plenty of nurses and ambulance officers and at least one policewoman.

One famous (ish) journalist. She writes the gossip column for the Sun Herald in Sydney. I had not seen her since school and really enjoyed my chat with her - we promised to keep in touch via email.

Everyone was asking a certain girl whether she did or did not have a physical relationship with a certain teacher. Judging by her reaction my guess is she did. It's weird because although this sounds really really bad and certainly even then was a sackable offence, he was probably 22 (and inexperienced) and she was 17 (and inexperienced also) - it didn't seem like that big a deal at the time. Although I don't suppose I would feel the same if this girl was my daughter and not my friend. Anyway, moving on...

After what I put myself through it was a bit of an anticlimax actually. I wish I had more juicy bits to tell you but as there were no boys then there were no shenanigans and only lots of wine and gossip.

But we won't ever get those 20 years back again will we? That is the tragic part, so in a way to talk about those magical days of school and to look at old photographs collectively was a really cool thing to do in a share the love kind of way.

I still couldn't talk to anyone about knitting. Shame.

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