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I'm a survivor survivor

17 Sep 2005

Now that Big Brother is finished and desperate housewives, lost and house became unwatchable - all hail the return of Survivor!!

Stuff I noticed about Survivor

Stephanie and Bobbi John back in the game. Why, why, why???

Jeff you tricker!
11 mile hike to race for flint and a better camp - the boys practically killed themselves doing it and what did Jeff do?

He gave some flint to the other team the next day anyway. So, either way, both teams were going to have fire by day 2.

Sucked in you competitive alpha males heaving on hands and knees.

Sad and neglected has been
A poor old ex-nbl player had to 'lie' about being a landscaper. Went a bit like this:

Big tall man and little 55kg sexpot are walking through the jungle.

Little 55kg sexpot simpers "what do you do for a living big tall man?"

Big tall man "I run my own little landscaping business. No, really, I do. HEY YOU up ahead - 64, 25, 33 Hup - oh sorry I got carried away. Where was I? Oh yes, a landscaping business. Can we switch sides at half time in this game? I absolutely was never involved in the nbl, no siree, what makes you say I was? Landscaping. Grass. Fountains. Backyards."

Little 55kg sexpot (attention span drifted away at the "landscaping" - too many syllables), "oh, um, fantastic."

Farmer boy eats Bobbi John - a survivor first

Oh my god. Did you see how ruthless that farmer boy is? Straight off the bat "Bobbi John is stoopid". "What's so special about Bobbi John?" "Where's the big strong Bobbi John now huh? Laid out on his back with his eyes rolling back in his head with a girly cramp in his leg"

I swear that Farmer boy is sitting there thinking ......... Now if I run out of protein I'm eating Bobbi John first.

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok
Proving that the nbl breeds em smart, ex nbl hasbeen who is not wanting to draw attention to himself save someone recognise him from his FAMOUS PAST, takes CHARGE!!

Mousy bloodnut in the background who is a WILDERNESS GUIDE sits back. "the first person to take lead in survivor always gets voted off first, so I'm keeping my occupation a secret for a little while longer. I know we're going the wrong way, but I won't tell them.

We don't need the stupid flint either, I can start fire from the glint of freshly bleached teeth in bright sunlight. And my hair is a deterrent to spiders, crocodiles and snakes. Oh, and women too."

How pissed of are that team going to be when they find out the secret of the bloodnut's past??? But in order to find out, someone is going to need to have a conversation with him, and so far his personality is pretty much his immunity against that every happening.

My predictions
Lucky for BJ (unfortunate initials) the old guy popped his bicep, otherwise he would have been the first one out.

Lucky also for BJ, the guy who got the branch in his shoulder looks like he's in pretty bad shape, so he'll probably go next if the lose the immunity.

BJ will by then have endeared himself to the tribe and will be safe until the farmer boy eats him.

BJ will not be in this game in 4 weeks time.

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