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J K Rowling and I are no longer on speaking terms.

17 Jul 2005

So if she calls, please tell her I am washing my hair or something. I can't beleive she could do this to one of her finest.

Up to page 400 or so, I was delighted with this HP instalment, not so sad, not so dark. Plenty of compassion (my favourite emotion)- even for Voldemort. I cried throughout almost the whole of the Order of the Phoenix because I felt so sorry for Harry. He has a good year this year. Then whammo, right in the last 100 pages comes the action. And then the tragic final blow.

I thought this book was different to the previous ones in style and tone, which is good because they were getting a bit 'famous five' for me. I love the way as Harry grows up in these books the first person dialogue matures also, first we had the cheeky boy, then the angry young man coming to terms with his adolescence, and now a much more grown up Harry. Girls like him, Dumbledore has a reliance on and trust in him, acknowledging both his own mortality and the acceptance of Harry as an equal. Harry's even tempered behaviour at the Dursleys' this year indicates his growing strength of character and stoicism in the face of adversity. Harry is almost a man.

Great to see some development in the Ron/Hermione romance area. Very spiderman of Harry to break it off with Ginny because with great power comes great responsibility, or something like that. Relieved to see Ginny did not whine about this. Extremely gratified by the true love story between Fleur and Bill, especially how Mrs Weasley finally accepted Fleur when she realised that the love she had for him was real and unconditional. I see that MIL relationship being very strong in the future. Even Percy visits the family home, and yay! no Hollywood schlock fest teary reunion where they all forgive each other and everything goes back to normal. (As if that ever happens in real life.)

Still coming to terms with what J K Rowling did in the end. I have no doubt this is final (though I wish it weren't). I find there are enough parallels with LOTR for any ressurrection to occur. If I'm wrong then I will more than delighted anyway, but I don't think there is any going back now.

I just wish the next book was on the shelves already, I am dying to know what happens next.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to become a school essay.

I'm off shopping now for some school uniform bits for Louis back to school tomorrow. There is a possibility of a knitting needle purchase. BUT...........


I have gone a bit berzo in recent weeks in the yarn purchase area. (Shaking fist at Ebay, "Ebay, you wilful jezebel, get thee off my ie favourites! And you too wool peddler. And magazines, how dare you offer subscription online. I am weak.") But methinks I have said too much. There is a possibility that the husband may be lurking here. How many times can I casually say "Oh, that. Someone gave it to me" and get away with it?

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