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15 Jul 2005

On a much much happier note. I have the best secret pal in the SP5 event. (I hear some of you say, "no I have"), but you don't. I do. My secret pal gift was an absolute treasure trove of goodness. Firstly, a big carpetbag - perfect for any size project on the go. Second, THREE!! hanks of alpaca cloud from knitpicks in the yummy colourway called peppermint. TWO hanks of colour your own merino from knitpicks - a perfect opportunity to have a dyeing workshop at home. Coconut (really coconutty too) scented handcream - delish. Pen and notepad - handy. Cutesy little egg which you crack open and plant seeds and water and flowers grow out of the egg - educational. A book full of knitting anecdotes - can't do better than that. Posh chocolate as well. Sheepy card. One very sophisticated package, I must say.

And what do you do when you get three hanks of alpaca cloud in the colour of your choice? You make the skinny clapotis you've been dreaming about for months. I think it's fair to say this is my favourite thing I have ever made.

Yesterday I met up with some friends (The usual suspects - I only have three friends.) We talked craftiness and refereed toddler wars. Excelent way to spend an morning.

I was privy to something very very special. I won't talk about it right now because it's gifts for other secret pals but the crafty goddess across the road and the entrepreneur from a few suburbs north have gotten together to make one of the grooviest things I have come across in some time. I predict a great deal of commercial merit. These two are a great team, I feel proud to know them both.

I'm glad I didn't go to the knitty coffeeshop forums and dare to say that they didn't adore the men issue.

This bullying really got on my nerves. I have a plan to get this off my chest. I am being deliberately vague here because I am afraid of all of them bitches.

Addendum to previous post: It is with deep sadness that I say that one of the missing from the London attacks is a young 28yo man who worked in the head office in London of the company my husband is with (in Sydney). He did not make it to work on Thursday and has not been seen since. Their offices are at Paddington. Alan had never met him, nor I of course, but still it's way too close to home.

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