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Better than watching the blocking dry

30 Nov 2007

The peacock has been pinned out to dry on my bed.

Today I'm doing a spring spruce and deep cleanup of my house. I am the opposite of a hoarder, I chuck chuck chuck. I have only lived in this house here three years and I could probably have already filled several skips with unwanted or wornout clothes, electrical goods, toys, kitchenware. If I haven't used it in six months it gets thrown away.

The only things I will keep forever are the good books. The throwaway books go to the annual lifeline book sale - but the books I love will stay forever. I have a problem with the volume of sci-fi books the husband has, but we are able to negotiate that position from time to time.

The clothes go to charity. The rest goes to the tip. The stuff that annoys me the most is the paper - so many bills, notes, cards, scraps of paper, kids artwork. Apart from a file for each child filled with important documents (including the odd memorabilia item - I'm not evil, just not a hoarder), I don't keep anything.

I am forever sending Alan to the tip, it's mans work in our house. Our local tip has a recycling centre at the entrance, we always stop there first and see if they want any of our junk. Sometimes (ok, almost always) we never have to take the car to the tip face.

I'm only halfway through, it feels so cleansing to rid yourself of rubbish.

So, while I do that I'll leave you to flick through the most gorgeous book I received from lovely Nikki for my birthday. It's Tricia Guild's pattern book - with an opulent flocked cover and the most incredible eye candy inside. I used to visit the Designer's Guild shop on the King's Road a lot when I lived in West London - those were the days - wandering up the road at leisure window shopping in Mac makeup and Karen Millen clothes, Office shoes and Designer's Guild bedlinen. Admiring the quirky shopfronts and stopping for a beer in the Man & The Moon pub before catching the bus back to the tube station. Back in the 80's when contract accountants earned a fortune and all income was disposable. I lived in a dive and was perennially drunk, but man did I have nice shoes!

This book makes me want to strip the windows, rip up the carpets and redecorate in a beserk riot of colour and texture. Quite a mental escape from the rainy day toil I'm actually involved in today.

Maybe I'll put the Christmas tree up later this afternoon instead.

Enjoy mes amis.

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