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26 Apr 2007

But you see, I have been knitting. Like a demonic knitting machine.

I'm test knitting a shawl the size of a rugby paddock for a lovely yarn store/lady in the USA. The yarn is heavenly, the colours divine, but I haven't been able to stop and take a picture for the blog yet. I can't believe my luck in bagging this project, makes me feel on top of the world. Back to back with my show ribbons, I feel on knitting fire.

I'm having a go at adapting a lace pattern for a smaller dimension - trying to knit a mini peacock feathers shawl in black cashmere laceweight. I thought I'd give that a go for my ISE4 pal, but I fear the maths might get the better of me by the deadline, so I've had to change my plans.

I decided to make a mini sarcelle instead for my ISE4 pal. Oh cookie, you've done it again - fantastic pattern, clever and simple at the same time. Like the beaudelaire's and the pomotomus. Well, nothing simple about the pomotomus but you get the idea. I'm just about up to the straight section, in a fingering weight yarn, and I'd say it's up there with my favourite things I've ever knit. Looking good ISE4 pal - who won't be reading this.

Also, there's patti from Rowan Collection 1. I got the book elsewhere, but you get the whole picture on this link. I went to the Wool Inn in Penrith today with Donna and ordered Jo Sharp Silkroad DK for this pattern, the Rowan being a bit out of my price range at the mo. They didn't have enough in stock, but they were kind enough to order me some. I haven't been there before and they were so lovely, we stayed and chatted for ages after Donna and I ransacked the place. I'll have to go back to pick up the ordered yarn - what a shame!

Flair is just about done, although I'm a bit suss about double breasted coat in 10ply yarn over a buxom set of ta-ta's like mine but what the hey it's nearly finished. It only needs sleeves, and I've had zero luck getting a pair of them done to my own satisfaction EVER, let's hope for the best, shall we?

So there's a lot of ambition on the needles at the moment.

In more humbling experiences:

I've been trying to spin. Kerry lent me a spinning wheel, Donni gave me some fibrous materials and I've been closet spinning. I secretly like it more than I've been letting on. Even though what's filling those bobbins looks like crap. It seems Donni's in love with knitting her handspun. I'm in love with chucking mine in the bin.

I went for a job interview on Tuesday. I did not get the job. I fluffed the interview with nerves like a graduate going for a job at the millionaire factory.

And in more bizarre experiences.

You won't believe what Donna and I drove behind for about 20km out Penrith way today. Click here - BUT NOT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE A DEAD FERAL PIG!!

I'd block out his number plate but the feral pig doesn't deserve it.

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