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The Saturday Dump

24 Feb 2007

Late last Thursday night I filled my online cart at Janette's Rare Yarns ebay store in the UK with six balls of kidsilk haze at $11 usd a ball (jelly, splendour and that new purple) and a full packet of all seasons cotton (lilac) - discontinued colour $22usd a pack. Postage on the ksh was free, and the whole lot cost me about $120 AUD. Yesterday morning (that's six days people) it all came, plump and ripe and ready for eating. You cannot do better than that. Janette's Rare Yarns are so wonderful it's hard to beleive they're real.

If I filled my cart at it's competitor in Australia I would have paid

6 balls of ksh at $26.00 per ball = $156.00
10 balls of all seasons cotton = $147.50
shipping (free if over $200) = 0.00
TOTAL = $303.50

I'd be more than happy to buy locally if they weren't robbing me blind.

Still, I probably should have bought groceries with the money.

While we're in the kitchen, we bought a new kettle. You can see the salt tripod in the reflection. And my green tshirt. Luckily you can't see any more because I am only wearing undies with the tshirt. The less said about that sight the better.

My daughter Blair, the supermodel. (Remember I said I was going to sew something?)

Oh, and we're getting very close now! I really want to finish this today/toight.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's knitting. (yeah right)

And, from the same place (if I recall correctly, I've done a lot of clickety clich this morning) - I think I shall perish if I don't knit this phildar swingy jacket thing - grey/charcoal of course, which I think is similar to (possibly derivative of) the great Stella McArtney's various swing coats and knitted jackets, which of themselves are probably derivative of something else. And so on. See that word? 'Derivative' - they don't teach words like that in accountancy school*, I found that out all by myself. Whoda thunk huh?

(*Well, actually they do. But they're talking about these ones, not the artistic licence theme)

Stay tuned over the next few days if you're interested in circumspect rambling about my career dilemma, what's been good eating around here lately and why I'm googling for finance/media jobs in San Fransisco and Stamford.

Stitch n Bitch today. Yay!!!

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