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16 Feb 2007

I am seriously delusional if I think I can finish this by tonight, as previously hoped. I forgot about edgings being so incredibly long. But, I have at least started it, and this is how far I've come.

Those of you very familiar with a gathering of lace book may notice that the centre lace pattern is not the diamonds one shown in the book, and they would be right. I replaced this pattern with my favourite shetland lace stitch design, the spider webs and diamonds (I think) pattern. As luck would have it, the repeat stitch numbers were exactly the same so I didn't have to do any calculations. I was going to use a different edging as well, but the beech leaf is so lovely I just went back to the pattern as written. What do you think?

I may as well show you something else while I'm at it. My evil twin raised her ugly head again recently and forced the rational me into thinking we may be able to sew something. Again. Let's see if I can overcome seven simple seams. I hope so, as I think these wide leg pants are going to look great on my daughter, with a matching head something (possibly band, possibly triangular scarf)

There is a crimson in this fabric that matches perfectly with some leftover country silk I have from my own lucy in the sky cardigan. I think a one skein wonder might be the go to match these little duds.

However, at this stage, that's putting the cart before the horse.

If you're looking for me over the weekend, I'll be camping down

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