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19 Jul 2006

I've got a bit to show you today, and not much time to do so.

In point form

1. My amazon books arrived. Yay.

2. Remember when I said if I were to design a lace pattern, it would look like this:?

Well, ask and you shall recieve. Have a look at the second mystery stole so far.

Not exactly the same but close enough. (anyone remember that from sesame street?)

3. I started the Mystery Stole on swtc infinity soysilk. I made mistakes. On 2.75mm needles it was very small. I switched to merino oro on Friday night and started again, this time on 3.25mm needles. Have a look at the difference in the two.

4. Today Sharon, the yarn encyclopaedia and I went on a knitting excursion. It involved something decadent for morning tea, a trip to a LYS for a spot of yarn handling, and one of Sharon's delicious homemade quiches followed by fat pudding with fatter sauce and coffee for dessert. All with a new baby to coo over. I ask you, does it get better than that?

I saw that fair isle glove in the flesh. Oh my god. It's abso-effing-lutely gorgeous.

5. The generous and kind-hearted Kerry who owns our LYS saw this recently and said it had my name written all over it.

Love it. Thank you Kerry (as if you'd use the internet!)

6. I was recently given from wonderful Jae, some beautiful zephyr in an enchanting moody handpainted colourway, all burgundy and navy and gold. I am planning something gothic from it, as suggested to me (nay, she implored me) by the gorgeous Becky. Watch this space for developments soon.

7. Additional information from last post. No, he didn't notice any difference in the feel of the shoes, yes he put them on in the dark, no he didn't buy new shoes at lunchtime (which I would have done and wish he had have done), he just padded around in his holey socks until it was time to go home, and then hoped everybody was too pissed on the Friday night train to notice. He's the absent minded professor, my bloke.

What's the bet that blogger refuses to upload four pictures at one time? Am about to find out.... Yup, didn't do it. V V annoying! Will try again..... Egad, does nothing ever work?!

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