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All is not as it seems

10 Jul 2006

Have you noticed in life that sometimes all is not as it seems?

For example, you could have been under the mistaken impression that the Amazing Lace was in fact, a knitalong involving lace. Or perhaps a knitting competition. Wrong on both counts. The Amazing Lace is in fact a writing and photography competition. Who knew?

In McDonald's today (shame on me) the wrapper of the Filet o' Fish stated 'Low sugar steamed bun'. Like the bun is where the problem lies! It fails to mention of course that the filet of fish is in fact a 'cancer producing transfat sponge encased in low sugar steamed bun'.

I have heard it said that although it appears that the Catholic Church is a religion, although it is in fact a hugely successful multinational property and art dealing investment company.

The DaVinci code was a hugely successful novel, which led me to believe it might be a good book. In fact it was to me a badly written piece of dreadful predictable shite.

So when a famous lace blogger states repeatedly that Merino Oro is cobweb weight, what's an inexperienced colonial girl supposed to think? I finally got my paws on some, and found to my total suprise that all is not as it seems. I don't think it's cobweb weight at all.

First of all, I can't discern any difference at all between Merino Oro and the Centolavaggio that I can fairly readily obtain in Australia. Secondly, logic prevailing if centolavaggion = merino oro = cobweb weight then centolavaggion = cobweb weight and I have already knited a cobweb weight shawl. Shit, I was too stupid to be scared! (The Mystery Shawl 2 was done in centolavaggio).

Which led me to take this picture.

From left to right, in order of thickness (roughly as some of them are very similar)

Left - Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (4 ply)
Next right - ordinary baby acrylic yarn from Kmart
Next right - Jaggerspun Zephyr in teal
Next right - filatura di crosa centalavaggion in white
Next right - Merino Oro in natural
Next right - Margaret Stove artisan lace (could be the thinnest of them all but has a halo - a bit hard to tell)
Next right - Coats Cebelia crochet cotton
Next right - Knitpicks alpaca cloud
Far right - SWTC infinity soysilk

Also in the picture is a dressmaker's pin and some coins with a platypus and a lyrebird on them. Which will make as much sense to the US readers as what it does when I see US coins used for scale on ebay. (Well, it would if I hadn't been to the states a few times).

Now I know
has some real cobweb weight from heirloom knitting. And I know it's half the thickness of the soysilk, it is finer than sewing cotton.

So really, I'm as confused as ever.

Yarn weights mean nothing and yet are everything, and yet, all is not as it seems.

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