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The obsession with lace goes on .....

3 Jul 2006

If there ever was an ideal opportunity to encourage one's OCD tendencies, a pursuit where in fact the more obsessive you are the more successful the results, then surely lace knitting is it.

I am completely unable to stop thinking about lace knitting. I'm not much of a designer, but I can't stop looking at lace patterns. The Heirloom Knitting website sends me into raptures. I'm absolutely enthralled by it.

Anyway, on my web clicking travels today, I came along this story.

I really want to make a swatch board like the one in this picture. I can't think of anything more inspiring than a wall of lace swatches hanging over the computer while I'm doing my blog thing or my pattern searching thing.

When the books I've ordered from Amazon arrive, that's one of the first things I'm going to do, start a swatch board.

I'm mid-projects at the minute, it gives me an unpleasant feeling, a bit like sort of waiting for something mildly exciting to happen. It's familiar to you all I'm sure, I know I should really finish a WIP, or use some stash yarn, but sometimes those new shiny things just take all your attention, don't they?

I am awaiting some packages too, which is always fun, the books mentioned, some yarn from Be Sweet, my knitter's tea swap parcel and I'm about to order some zephyr.

And Donni made me a beautiful pair of socks - with beads! Thank you Donni they're
great mate.

I've got to go and entertain these kids right now, it's school holidays and we're going to visit grandma. (There may be a sleepover involved if I play my cards right).

Ciao bellas.

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