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14 Aug 2005

These are a few of my favourite things.

I have been online surfing the blogs now for about two hours. Originally I sat down to write a post and then do some tidying around the house. I have visited you all, made some comments, seen what you're all up to, wished you well and I feel very energised by you all. Problem is, I still hadn't posted anything.

So now I have blog guilt. Not to be confused by blog-depression - although I think I have a bit of that too. And knit envy. Like that corset tank - how beautiful is that thing? I posted the pic from the maker's blog because it is nicer than the one for the pattern.

I have been working on the mystery shawl. I like it, but freaking hell it is going to be 24 times 12 plus 9 stitches wide on the longest row. I won't start a pattern if it calls for more than 100 stitches in a cast-on, what was I thinking?

Plus the message boards are driving me mental. I have never seen such inane drivel in all my days. There are a couple of them who clearly need some St John's Wort.

At first I had signed up to receive these messages on the email. First day I got 90 messages, most of them saying "I have opened the file and was able to see it in word. I can't wait to start." Puleeze. I wanted to put a message on the board saying, "today I got out of bed and had breakfast. I then took a shower and went to the toilet. Just so you know." I unsubscribed to the emails.

Then I felt bad because you know, the point of a knitalong is to make friends and connect with people so me being unkind was sort of a but, well, unkind. But then someone asked about making socks - whether dpns or two circs was better, then someone wanted to know what breed of rabbit was on someone else's blog (why not comment on the bloody blog then?) and then someone talked about damage to a doves nest in their garden and whether it could have been the result of human intervention or animal antics and then about 50 people had their two cent's worth about that. Then some competitive people started 'racing' to finish the clues.

Then people started complaining about the pressure being put on the organiser to disclose the clues early. Maybe some pressure had been put on the organiser, I don't know. Then people started complaining about all the off-topic crap being posted to the message boards.

Then the organiser banned all OT postings except on Thursdays (struck me as stoopid but there you go). So this caused a situation. Shit, meet fan. Everyone goes berserk. More messages about OT postings than there were OT messages in the first place.

That's about where I gave up on the whole thing. No more mystery knitalongs me.

Still, the shawl's nice.

But right now I have the four year old climbing all over me because she wants to 'have some cuppa tea' with me. I better go.

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