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What a difference a week can make

24 Oct 2007

Hi swingers! I'm back in the blog saddle. Thank you for the kind comments - you know they thought the internet would turn us all into robots but they forgot that human nature is human nature - and the internet if anything has made people closer. I've had more kind words spoken to me on this blog in the past two and a half years than I've EVER had in my real life - so they were wrong about the robot thing - and I am a much richer person for it. So thank you kind stranger-friends.

I came home from hospital on Friday, spent Saturday all but horizontal, had a lovely long beach walk on Sunday, and went back to work on Monday and Tuesday. Apart from being a bit sore of boob and them looking like hot cross buns with bruises, I feel a million bucks.

And with the kids off at school today, it's the first chance I've had to sit down with a coffee and update the blog.

The first thing I've got to tell you is this. If you're looking for INSTANT gratification, you gotta go the cro. Seriously. On Thursday 11th October, Donna gave me this yarn.

By Sunday I had finished.

And one week later it fit me.

Project specifications on ravelry. Lion Brand free pattern, yarn from Donna's stash, originally by Phildar.


The Eats Roots Shoots and Leaves is ready for the fourth repeat of the FFL pattern. It seems an appropriate time to let it rest. It's pretty depressing to think how far I've come, but how far I still have to go - this is a commitment knit all right.

As for the Neibling frosted fern doily - I ripped it back and started again on a bigger needle. I'm doing it in a fingering weight (it's jaggerspun heathers I beleive in LAVA, a gift from Dyann my ISE pal) so it will be more of a blanket than a doily - it's looking predictably like a blob of charcoal knitting on a circular needle right now.

And I really can't talk about the snicket socks. How come I can happily knit ten rounds of a 600 stitch shawl with cobweb weight yarn but the thought of doing two rounds of a 72 stitch sock makes me shudder? There is indeed something wrong with me.

There are other things OTN, but they're all sleeping. And we all know not to wake sleeping babies.

FINALLY, I got a new camera, a NIKON 40x with a bonus paparazzi lens. I'm really wanting to improve my photography now - it's so exciting! In the meantime though, you'll have to excuse the dodgy focus and lighting - I've got a lot to learn.

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