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My knitting on a nail file

5 Oct 2007

Yesterday as we were leaving the house to do some shopping, all four of us, the kids emptied the mailbox. Blair says 'you've got a parcel mum'. I was suprised because I wasn't expecting anything.

Remember this?

Well, Joan from Heritage Spinning in Michigan has had the pattern printed. And what a beautiful pattern it is too. It really is such a difference from the home printed pdf's and free downloads - like real coffee over instant. Joan sent me a few samples in the mail, and some promotional material from her shop.

And, equally as exciting, a picture inside my house is on the front page of the store newsletter!

I came over all emotional - it was quite something to see my own work photographed to look so glamorous. Added to that, Joan wrote such a lovely story about how it came to be, the international journey the yarn and shawl had, the emails, the photo progress shots.

Looking at the newsletter made me genuinely want to move to the US. You should see the courses - lace knitting, estonian garden stole, a bag workshop, felting, spinning boot camp - the knitting courses offered at this shop are greater in number than the entire prospectus from my local community college!

Oh to live in a land where there is a large population. (Australia 0 - USA 1)

I dropped into my sister's house on the way to Campbelltown* (shopping is better there than here in the Gong, I liken it to going to America).

I was very proud, and showed her the stuff. She was, as usual, nonplussed. 'That's great, KNITABULOUS' she says, 'wonderful to see you talk about knitting for a change'

I said 'Look! A nailfile with a picture of my knitting on it!"

She says 'That's a good nail file too. Can I have that?'

So, there's no picture, but there is a nailfile with my knitting on it!


If I knew her better, I'd fully blame fleegle for this. But, since she's a stranger who proof of existence to me is only through her gorgeous lace knitting I adore, I can't really say it's all her fault that this happened to enter my home earlier this week. But there's no doubt that I wanted what she was having - so she definitely had something to do with it.

This yarn is as fine as sewing thread and as soft as you'd imagine cashmere and silk to be. It's gorgeous, just like she said. And it only took a week or so from China to Australia. (Australia 1 - USA 1)

(*where I, co-incidentally and literally, ran into Donna's Emily on her FIRST DATE!! I insisted she introduce me to the boy and informed him sternly that I was one of Em's mother's friends - the poor boy will probably run for the hills. Which, Donna, you can thank me for later). Luckily it appeared that Donna was following them too (or something like that) and I ended up with a bonus coffee date to go with the torture of doing the kids summer clothes shopping. (Australia 2 - USA 1)

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