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10 Jul 2007

Bonsoir mes amis!

I am competing for the polka dot jersey in the Tour De France knitalong, so I'm pleased to introduce vous to my team.


Form: Good
Chances of completion: Fair to good
King of the Mountain?: Hmm. Could be the clown of the race in the end.
French Connection: It has beads. I've never done them before, so I suspect, like Paris, that the road will be lined with dog shit. Merde.


After the Yarn Harlot joined, another 2700 people jumped on the bandwagon and together, they broke yahoo! groups. The harlot was knitter number 4000 and something, there are now around 6700 and I was knitter number 300 and something. She is totally copying me.

There has been some discussion about the theme of the shawl. Pink Lemon Twist suggested (weeks before the first clue) the yarn choice should be black or white. Everyone says 'oh I'm going to do it white for my daughter's upcoming wedding' Miriam goes 'hang on, you might want to see the theme before you go down that road, it might not be appropriate'.

The first and second clues are up, there has been some discussion about whether or not a face can be seen in the stole. People have surmised that it may be a court jester.

I shall leave it to you to decide whether this is a face or not.

Dear me. I hope she's not making 6700 people knit court jesters. That would be an ironic who's laughing at whom kind of situation, non?

Peacock Feathers shawl

Form: Average
Chances of completion: Fair to middle
King of the Mountain?: I don't think so. It's a little lightweight to be a king, perhaps the princess of the mountain might be a better title. I'm really only knitting her while waiting for the real peacock feathers to arrive.
French Connection: It's very Marie Antionette - and it looks like fondant.


Linen Stitch Transitions Swatches

This one is such a dark horse. It came from nowhere to suprise me one night and has been quite a captivating little rider. Stay tuned for developments on this competitor.

This may suprise me. It's a quick grower, showing great promise and is already half finished the race.


Any of these young riders would cut the throat of some of the above professionals to get a chance to wear a jersey in this year's race.

Will they have their way?


There will be a late entrant, one with the two week handicap. Unavoidable delays mean that the bicycle and rider have actually yet to meet, but here's hoping.

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