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I'm on a bitch-roll this week!

16 Mar 2007

I'm a real bitch this week - and I'm not holding back. If you're reading this, you're getting the full force of my unsavoury opinions.

I've just downloaded a knitting podcast to listen to while I finish these cupcakes. Got a few hours up my sleeve so was planning on a luxurious sit, work, listen moment.

This is the podcast. what a brave linker I am. But I am small and insignificant and she is big and popular so I'm sure she can take it.

I had to close it down after five minutes. Firstly, it started with a really dumb (but title-appropriate) song which went on for too long and thus flogged the dead horse instead of making a humourous point. A few birthday wishes. So far, not so bad.

Then she enters into an unbelievably LONG and BORING story about her health. Firstly, she was exposed to Hep A by a waiter/ress at a restaurant two months ago and is getting a blood test. Not because she's worried about her health, but because she got sick soon after (aka a croaky voice kind of sick) - and then it goes on and on about her 'crowd deafness', her 'allergy' to feather pillows, the details of her cold symptoms and so on. And on. Just when I was ranting at her to shut the fuck up about her health, she THEN proceeds to tell me about her sore shoulder, and how she's had to adjust her bed to alleviate the agony. At this point I shut it down.

I have no idea if the knitting content was worth listening to, I didn't hang around long enough to find out, although the show notes sounded promising.

Podcasting is a relatively new media, and sometimes I think you can tell. It reminds me of what listening to the radio must have been like when the radio was first invented, and the announcers felt compelled to over-explain and announce everything they were doing.

There's probably no need to say 'Now we are going to have a song by a band' - and then after the song say 'that was a song by a band'. Also, opening the show with an apology about the technological failure or whatever is pointless, and smacks of inexperience.

I like podcasts about knitting. I've liked Knitcast the most (on a break at the mo), and recently I've enjoyed BritKnitCast , Sticks and String is great because of the local content, and I've liked Cast On.

I'm about to give Lime and Violet a listen (I've heard good reports) so I'm not totally put off.

My advice to podcasters (for what it's worth)

I think it comes down to the format. I'd like to hear the format go like this: Open the show, talk about the knitting or do your interview, leave the credits and thankyou's and airkissing to the end (not the beginning) and then say goodbye. Don't rave on about where you got the music from, I assume if you've put it up there you've done your copyright homework, just acknowledge and be done with it.

Don't tell me anything about your personal life (god forbid not your boring health) unless it's BRIEF, relevant, out of the ordinary or funny or is intrinsically part of the nature of the show. Oh, and if you talk about more than one ailment in an episode, you sound like a valetudinarian.

I'm going back to podcast alley for another look.

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