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14 Feb 2006

There is no valid reason for posting this entry except for the feeling of sweet revenge and somehow having both the first and the last say in an ongoing and one-sided argument. Being aware of this is not going to make me not do it. Don't read on if equity in household chores is of no interest to you.

Frustrating habit 1.
To my knowledge, my husband has never closed a door or turned a light off. As a result, I can always tell what he's been doing by the trail of open doors and switched on lights in the house.

For example, the other night he popped out in the car to get some milk. For me and the kids of course - he has no use for it himself, for it is a truth universally known that a married man has a milk fairy who ensures that milk carton is a magicically replaced upon draining of said contents.

Upon his return he promptly went back to whatever he was doing before he left. I found the garage door open (it's electric with the remote inside the car), driver's door of car open, entry to house open, kitchen door open and milk placed in centre of kitchen counter like an offering to the breakfast cereal gods.

Of course I had to act like getting the milk was as heroic an act as discovering a cure for the common cold.

Frustrating Habit 2. (this one is pretty disgusting)

I am sure I am the only person who ever flushes any of the four toilets in this house. One more little suprise like that and I'm going to choose a toilet and ban all the others from it.

Except this would have no effect on anyone but me.

Frustrating Phenomenon. (leading on from previous but not so disgusting)

Last weekend I bought twelve toilet rolls. They are all gone. I want to find the culprit so badly I'm wondering if it would be too loony to issue one to each child and making them 'take their own' so when they run out they have to sign for another one.

There are more. But these are the biggies on my mind today.

You have no idea how much better I feel.

(And if my mil is reading this, don't go doing any happy dances just yet - we're still good. Mwah mwah mwah)

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