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Fortnightly knit redux - Part 2

30 Jan 2006

For the second fortnight of 2006 knitting, may I present to you the following:

The bear-claw blanket - Interweave Knits Spring 2005 - square 1 almost finished. Ideally I would have liked to do it in brighter colours but I got a real bargain on this peruvian alpaca. It's a bit sheddy, and it only came in muted colours so I went with green, caramel and cream. I love me the alpaca, it's so soft.

Here's something - if I were going to do the knitting Olympics, I would have picked this blanket. If it took me two weeks to do almost one square, do you think it's realistic that I would have been able to do nine squares and the edging, grafting and blocking in sixteen days?

Don't anybody say nice postbox either.

And I need to mop the steps too.

And here's the Mystery Shawl 2. I'm up to the edging, which is a ten row 28 stitch repeat, absorbing five stitches from the edge of the shawl per repeat. I think it's something like 70 repeats of the edging down each side. It gets a bit of a rhythm going once you memorise the repeats, but still it's pretty slow. I'm pretty pleased with how this is coming out, as my first attempt is in the naughty cupboard, untouched since November snb where I completely mangled the edging pattern because I was multitasking; talking, eating, drinking at knitting all at once.

Please excuse my unladylike pose and absence of makeup. I hope I haven't frightened anyone.

TARYN TARYN TARYN. This is for you. Well the sock is not for you, nor is it for me even though it is here on my foot. It is my husband's sock. Regia sock, wildfoote luxury sock pattern called diagonal rib socks. Normal top down easy peasy sock. Will there be another one?

This is a ring-in project. My plans on being strict with myself and only working on three projects at a time and FINISHING one before starting a new one have come awry already. This is the beginning of this.

This pattern is a bit of a mongrel to get your head around when you start. Although, once you get it going it's okay. The secret is in the markers - two sets required, one set for increasing and one set for pattern repeats, which start over at the beginning of each set and aren't evenly spaced.

Done in wool/ramie blend (thank you Celia). I can't continue this until I get some 5.5mm needles, so I don't expect this to get much attention in the next fortnight.

So there you go. It felt like a lot of knitting to me.

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