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the daly dog chronicles part 1

26 Feb 2005

Yesterday my husband and I talked about getting a dog. The conversation went like this:

Me: I think I would like a dog. The kids are old enough now to understand the responsibility and we're grown up enough to
have a family pet.

Him: A dog would be great.

Me: What sort of dog would
you like?

Him: A labrador.

Me: I think we need to be realistic - you work long hours and a labrador needs lots and lots of exercise - I'm not sure that a labrador would suit us. Plus there is the issue of the dog poo in the yard - I bet labrador poo is volumous. I was thinking more of a lap-dog type that doesn't drop hair and is
non-allergenic like a toy poodle or a maltese terrier. I would like to call it Matisse.

Him: They are not real dogs.
Labradors are proper dogs. Call it Kujo.

Me: What about a King Charles
Cavalier Spaniel, they're gorgeous dogs. Or the other day I saw a mixed breed called the spoodle which is a cross between a King Charles spaniel and a poodle. Are you saying you wouldn't walk a poodle?

Him: (Looks up from paper for
the first time at me like I'm an alien) I would so not love walking a poodle.

Me: What about a standard poodle not a toy poodle?

Him: What's wrong with a labrador?

Me: Nothing darling, but I think we should consider our lifestyles before we decide. We must give the dog the sort of life it deserves and I don't think we are the type of family to commit ourselves to such a high maintenance pet. A pet is a big responsibility and it needs to fit in with the way our family is, and not become a burden or a chore. A smaller dog would become part of the family and would fit in better with our lifestyle I think.

Him: How much do dogs cost?

At least I think we have decided to get a dog. Stay tuned for further chapters in daly dog chronicles.

In the land of the knitting obsessive-compulsive, I have cast on and begun climbing the clapotis mountain. A lot of people have written a lot of things about this pattern and I'm not sure I can add any value to the discussion by adding my comments here but there are three things that I am really noticing about this scarf.
1. It is really big. Really really big.
2. The mathematics behind the pattern design are fabulously simple but very clever and am very envious of the pattern-designers ability to go from idea to pattern to product.
3. I can't wait to wear it.

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