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23 Aug 2007

My dedication to this blog has waned in the past few weeks. I frequently toy with the idea of chucking it in altogether - my feelings about it come and go in waves. Anyhow, I'm obviously in a bit of a trough at the moment, I guess I should apologise.

I have, of course, a fair slew of excuses.

Excuse 1 - the dog. I got a dog. I love him so much, but he's wrecking the joint. But in a good way.

Excuse 2 - I have a redundant husband. Now, I know a lot of you might feel the same way, but mine was made redundant from his job about three weeks ago. He's been under my feet, in my face and on my computer for three whole weeks. When he gets another job remind me not to complain about him working long hours. Japanese women have a saying about husbands when they retire - 'wet leaf' - like something sticky and tenacious that you can't brush from your coat.

He, on the other hand, is so happy to get a handsomely paid break, he's swanning around like he's won the lottery.

On the upside it's great having a manny!

Excuse 3 - extraordinarily boring knitting. I have plans for new projects, but have imposed on myself the torturous duty of FINISHING the wip's before I reward myself with Frost Flowers and Leaves, and the MIREPOIX Bodice from the new IK. Thus, the knitting is so boring it's unbloggable.

Excuse 4 - New Job. I started a new job. The same day the husband lost his. Serendipitous, no? Shame my job is one quarter his salary.

I haven't done a sad song Wednesday for three weeks. I feel like I've BEEN a sad song though, does that count?

I've hardly read a blog for weeks either, whatcha been up to?

Even ravelry's not doing it for me.

BUT I do have a new toy. A brand new laptop! Dell lattitude d630 - windows vista. It's got a bit of setup to do but it's pretty snazzy so far. No more banishment to the dark part of the house for blogging or net surfing, the signal even goes out to the garden! (way to go, spending husband's redundancy package on essentials)

I will be back, promise. I need a little time - that's all.

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